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  • Photo of a ladder and other painting supplies sitting on a tarp covering a wooden floor

    How to Paint a Popcorn Ceiling

    When freshening up the interior of your home or office with a fresh coat of paint, it can be tempting to skip over cringe-worthy ...

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  • Photo of the exterior of a large, soft blue craftsman house with an attached garage

    How Long Does Exterior Paint Last?

    Have you ever wondered... How long does exterior paint typically last? Or, what's the expected life span of a lawn mower, or a ...

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  • Person falling through a ceiling

    DIY vs Hire a Pro

    It's true, some homeowners are naturally more handy or have more skills to complete maintenance tasks around the home. How do you ...

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  • Photo of a porch ceiling painted sky blue on a two story house

    Why Are Porch Ceilings Painted Blue?

    There are few architectural details that are more charming than a porch, which is the perfect place to relax on summer's day with ...

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