Photo of the exterior of a large, soft blue craftsman house with an attached garage

How Long Does Exterior Paint Last?

Have you ever wondered...

How long does exterior paint typically last? Or, what's the expected life span of a lawn mower, or a power outlet, or garden tools?

Items like these are a big investment for every homeowner, but just how much life can you expect to get out of each one? Realtor.comLink opens in a new tab asked these questions to experts in each field in this helpful article >> How Long Does Paint Last? The Expiration Date on Your Home's Exterior and More OutdoorsLink opens in a new tab

Five Star Painting is the expert in all things paint-related, so of course Realtor.comLink opens in a new tab sought out advice from our 2017 franchisee of the year, Tina Nokes, with Five Star Painting of Loudoun County VA. Having a professional exterior paint job not only improves the appearance of your home but it serves to protect your structure from elements that break down the materials. In the article, Nokes elaborates, "The paint's chemical compound breaks down due to oxidation as weather, expansion, and contraction take their toll."

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