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  • Wood deck and white handrail

    Stain Colors

    When the exterior of your home needs a new coat, odds are you automatically think of paint. Did you know that a stain might be a ...

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  • Person cleaning cedar shake siding

    Cleaning Cedar Shake Siding and Shingles

    Cedar shingles and cedar shake siding offer a beautiful, natural finish for any home and cedar products will provide protection ...

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  • Paint roller vs paint sprayer

    Dispelling a Myth: Spraying vs. Brushing

    Painting is one of the oldest professions and with it come many myths. Possibly the most frequently encountered myth is that ...

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  • Person painting wood

    Linseed Oil Paint

    Linseed oil paint is a natural product made from flax seeds and natural pigments. This type of paint is traditionally used in ...

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