Picking Harmonious Wall Color and Floor Combinations

Image of wood floors in living room with fireplace, baby grand piano, and dark brown leather couch.

While we can all appreciate a beautifully decorated room, what really ties it all together is the combination of colors that work in harmony to create the perfect look and feel. One aspect of achieving the right color combination that is sometimes overlooked is choosing the perfect wall color to suit your flooring, which can affect the overall aesthetic of your space.

Ultimately, selecting the right wall color to compliment your floor will depend on the style of the room, its purpose and function, and your existing furniture and décor.

Thankfully, the experts at your local Five Star Painting can help you narrow down the options to choose the best floor and wall color combination for your space.

Continue reading to learn which floor type and wall colors work best together and why:

  • Wall color combinations for wooden floors.
  • Best wall colors for oak floors.
  • Best wall color combinations for white tile floors.
  • Living room wall color and floor combinations.
  • Bedroom floor and wall color combinations.
Image of living room darker wooden floor with matching wall color.

Wall Color Combinations with Wooden Floors

To start, think about the undertone (underlining color of the wood) and finish of your wood flooring when choosing wall colors that will complement it. Essentially, you’ll want to pair your floor’s undertone with contrasting wall colors to balance the room.

A good technique is to paint a small section of a desired wall color in the room you want to paint. Then view it at different times of day to get a good idea of how it will look with your wood floors as the light changes in the room.

Popular wood undertones and their complimentary wall color include the following:

Womans hands reviewing color pallet guide over a sample of wood floors.
  • Cool wood undertones: Green, blue, and pink undertones in floors work well with walls that are painted yellow or red to create a warm, inviting feeling.
  • Warm wood undertones: Red, yellow, and orange undertones pair well with blue and green-painted walls. We recommend avoiding tan and cream colors as they will clash with the warmth of the natural wood.
  • Neutral wood undertones: Beige, taupe and gray wood undertones pair well with warm or cool paint colors for contrast.
Upstairs hallway with oak wood floors and matching wall tones.open kitchen and dining room with bright oak wood floor and light rustic wall tones.

Best Wall Colors for Oak Floors

There are two kinds of oak floors available: red oak and white oak. Though they can have different finishes, red oak generally pairs well with wall hues that bring out the floor’s undertones. For example, dark, cool blue or green tones are perfect for enhancing the natural beauty of red oak flooring.

Consider wall colors and shades that complement red oak, like:

  • Aquamarines
  • Dark blues
  • Dark greens
  • Pastels

On the other hand, white oak makes a lighter floor color and often looks bleached. This flooring can help to create a sophisticated and elegant space or a more rustic one, depending on the finish. Paired with white oak, dark wall colors (e.g., rich charcoal) can create a timeless look. We encourage you to choose your favorite dark wall shade — but it's best to stay away from ones that are too light as they can wash out a room.

Lastly, earthy colors complement the rustic appearance of both red and white oak. These wall colors can help bring out the grain and natural look of wooden flooring.

Some earthy colors include:

  • Cinnamon
  • Plum
  • Forest green
  • Navy
Residential restroom with white tile floor interior and light wall color tone.

White Tile Floor and Wall Color Combination

The best white tile floor and wall color combination will depend on the look you are trying to achieve within the space and your personal style preferences. We advise choosing colors that create a cohesive look.

Some wall color options to try with your white tile floor include the following:

  • White: A white-on-white pairing can create a unified, striking look — especially in small spaces (like bathrooms) and areas where you want to create a bright, open feel.
  • Soft pastels: Blue, pale pink or green can add a pinch of color to your space without being too overwhelming.
  • Neutrals: Taupe, beige, or gray walls complement tile flooring and offer a great backdrop for artwork and other décor.
  • Black: Black walls create a striking contrast against the white tile and make it stand out.
  • Bold colors: Deep reds, forest greens, and saturated blues are great statement colors to accentuate this type of flooring.

Living Room Wall And Floor Color Combinations

Selecting the appropriate wall color and floor combo for a living room can be daunting, especially with so many options to choose from. It’s also important to choose pairings that work well with your existing furniture and décor.

Some popular living room floor and wall color combinations include:

  • Dark hardwood floors with crisp whites and lighter neutral shades (e.g., gray).
  • Light wood floors with cooler white, neutral off-whites, and soft grays.
  • Medium wood floors with dusty green, cool blues, or neutral wall colors.
  • White tile floors with other neutral colors like black, white, or gray.
Bedroom with wood floors.Bedroom with carpet floors.

Bedroom Floor And Wall Color Combinations

Bedrooms should elicit a sense of calmness and tranquility, especially after a long day of working or taking care of errands. Lighter floor and wall color combinations tend to make a room feel open and airy, while darker shades lend themselves to a more sophisticated look.

Here are some trendy bedroom pairings to consider:

  • Dark hardwood floors with white walls create a classic, timeless look that evokes both elegance and modernism.
  • Light wood floors with light gray walls instill a soothing, comforting atmosphere.
  • Carpet with beige walls creates a serene, inviting place to unwind and relax.
  • Hardwood floors with light blue or green walls give a room a clean, calming presence.
  • Plush carpeting with dark walls creates a cozy, peaceful aura.

FAQs About Wall Color And Floor Combinations

Should floors be darker or lighter than walls?

There is no hard and fast rule about whether your floors should be darker or lighter than walls. The color combination you choose will depend on the design of your room, your personal preferences, and the look and feel you’re trying to create. For example, lighter wall colors can make a room feel airier and more open, while darker shades create a cozy, intimate vibe.

What color makes rooms look bigger?

Lighter colors like beige, white, and light gray can make a room look bigger. Light pastels like blue, pink, and green can also do the trick while adding a splash of color to your space.

Are dark floors out of style this year?

While color trends do change from year to year, dark flooring will surely never go out of style due to its timeless, sophisticated look. If you have dark wood or tile floors, you’ll always have several color options to choose from that will help you create a whole new look.

What color floors are in style for this year?

More natural, neutral floor colors are trendy choices for homeowners this year. These colors are versatile and fit well with décor and a variety of furniture styles. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t buck the trend and choose colors that better fit your taste and style.

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