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Transform Your Home with Expert Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Five Star Painting of Decatur specializes in popcorn ceiling removal services for clients in Decatur, GA. Our team is ready to assist by refurbishing your acoustic ceilings and refining their texture. Proudly supporting more than 190 locations nationwide through a range of home services, we're dedicated to putting your preferences first. We strive to deliver top-notch service and outcomes that will exceed your expectations. Contact us today for a complimentary estimate and schedule your service in Decatur, Atlanta, and Stone Mountain, GA. 

Restroom ceiling after popcorn ceiling removal by Five Star Painting.

Remove Your Popcorn Ceilings for a Fresh Look

At Five Star Painting of Decatur, we excel in transforming outdated popcorn ceilings into modern, refined surfaces. Contrary to the belief that renovations are reserved for large-scale, time-consuming projects, our expert services ensure a renewed aesthetic look swiftly and efficiently. Our approach to removing your popcorn ceiling is tailored to factors such as age, location, and the most effective treatment method. Our process begins with a complimentary estimate. On the day of your appointment, our team meticulously prepares the space by covering it with plastic and cloth to protect your possessions. After removing the popcorn material, we repair or replace the ceiling's drywall, culminating in a smooth, updated appearance. Additionally, we ensure a thorough clean-up post-completion, leaving no trace of our presence behind so you can enjoy your updated space. 

What Methods Do We Offer for Upgrading Your Ceilings? 

Removing popcorn ceilings is often perceived as a challenging and messy endeavor. Some homeowners conceal it using alternative methods based on the condition of the ceiling. When choosing our services, we evaluate your situation to recommend the most suitable solution for your ceiling renovation. Explore these additional popcorn ceiling removal solutions we offer: 

Covering with Drywall or Wood Paneling 

One strategy is to overlay the current popcorn ceiling with new drywall or wood paneling. This provides an immediate refresh of your ceiling's appearance without undergoing the tedious process of popcorn texture elimination. 

Skim Coating 

Skim coating entails the application of a thin plaster or joint compound layer over the popcorn ceiling. This technique effectively smoothens the surface for a modern, sleek look. 

Ceiling Tiles 

Installing ceiling tiles over the popcorn texture is a viable option for an innovative twist. Our range includes various styles and materials, such as acoustic tiles designed to minimize noise.  


Adding beadboard or shiplap panels brings a unique charm and character to your ceiling, easily installed directly atop the popcorn texture for an aesthetically pleasing, rustic appeal. 

Why Should You Consider Our Service?  

Opting for our popcorn ceiling removal service signifies a significant enhancement in your home's interior aesthetics, a choice steadily gaining popularity for those seeking a contemporary vibe. While many do-it-yourself guides are available online, we strongly advocate for the expertise of a professional. This guarantees not only safety and cleanliness but also efficiency in the execution. Below are compelling reasons why this service is increasingly preferred: 

Modernizes Your Space 

Popcorn ceilings, a trend that peaked during the 1960s and 1970s, are now considered out of style. They can diminish the appeal of a room, giving it a cramped and gloomy ambiance, which is why many are eager to update their ceilings. 

Addresses Health Risks 

Beyond aesthetics, popcorn ceilings pose potential health hazards. They may contain asbestos linked to severe conditions such as lung cancer and other respiratory issues. Furthermore, these textured ceilings can harbor dust and allergens, posing additional health threats. 

Enhances Home Value 

The removal of a popcorn ceiling can contribute to your property's marketability and value. A sleek, smooth ceiling can redefine a room's appearance, making it more spacious and modern, which are qualities that attract potential homebuyers. 

Consider the Benefits of Hiring Our Team 

Five Star Painting of Decatur is your go-to expert for residential popcorn ceiling removal, committed to delivering outstanding services that align with your unique preferences and style. Opting for our expertise brings numerous advantages, including: 

  • Utilization of advanced tools to safeguard against any potential harm 
  • Commitment to excellence and detail in every project 
  • Proficiency in fixing any imperfections, such as patches or holes 
  • Comprehensive offerings that encompass both texturing and painting for a revitalized appearance. 

Schedule Your Appointment Today 

Five Star Painting of Decatur is dedicated to offering reliable services tailored to enhance your home's interior. We ensure that our pricing for popcorn ceiling removal is affordable and adjusted according to your property's dimensions and condition. Our team of skilled professionals is equipped to assist with your renovation needs, employing specialized equipment and methods. Reach out to us today to arrange your service. 

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