Wrought Iron Fence Painting in Frisco, TX

Get A Fresh Facelift for Your Wrought Iron Fence

Give your wrought iron fence a fresh facelift with a paint job. Five Star Painting of Frisco offers wrought iron fence painting services in Frisco, TX. Our expert painting professionals will transform your wrought iron fence into the one in your dreams. We have multiple colors and will help you choose the perfect one for your fence. Our team has the best industry techniques, products, and knowledge for your wrought iron fence painting. Contact us today for a free cost estimate on our wrought iron fence painting services.

After wrought iron fence painting done by Five Star Painting.

We Use the Highest Quality Enamel

Sun exposure lessens the lifespan of oil-based enamels, so Five Star Painting of Frisco typically uses acrylic enamels to paint your wrought iron fence. Newer combinations of oil-based enamels, or urethane alkyds, significantly boost the lifespan of your wrought iron fence paint. Traditionally, wrought iron is painted in a gloss sheen or semi-gloss. We often use urethane alkyds for customers that want a glossy finish. We use direct-to-metal paints, so we do not need to use a primer unless it is necessary for rust mitigation. Though traditional wrought iron fences are black, we have multiple options for wrought iron fence paint colors.

Preparing Your Wrought Iron Fence for Paint

We extensively train our painting professionals to understand how to prepare your wrought iron fence for painting. We first cover and protect all surrounding areas to ensure overspray does not damage them. Our wrought iron fence painting process includes the following:

  • We do not power wash the fence unless there is debris or mud on the fence.
  • Our technician uses a wire brush to eliminate any debris from the surface.
  • We sand the fence to remove any surface oxidation and help boost the topcoat’s adhesion.
  • To ensure all hard-to-reach areas are covered, we apply a rust-inhibitive primer.
  • We apply two coats of paint with a mini-roller, paint mitt, or brush.

How Can You Help Eliminate Rust?

Some wrought iron fences oxidize and rust over the year. We help eliminate the fears of your wrought iron rusting with multiple solutions. We use a unique rust-inhibiting primer to help eliminate rusting. If your wrought iron is severely rusted, we can pre-treat it with a full coat of rust-inhibiting primer or use an acid-based phosphoric rust converter.

Choosing Five Star Painting of Frisco

We want to add color to your world. Five Star Painting of Frisco understands a wrought iron fence is simply metal to some people, but it is curb appeal and a functional piece of your property to you. We want to help you love the look of your property and its products. We offer “five-star quality without the five-star price.” We stand by this motto to deliver the best services for you. Our wrought iron painting services are only the beginning of our service. We are here for you for all your home or business painting projects.

Get Your Free Painting Estimate Today

You can trust Five Star Painting of Frisco to help you choose the best paint for your wrought iron fence. We stand beside you throughout the process to ensure you love the final product. Our team offers a two-year warranty on our services to give you peace of mind. We always offer upfront pricing and give you a free cost estimate on our services. If you want a detailed estimate for wrought iron fence painting costs, we are here for you. Call or schedule online today to schedule wrought iron painting services today.

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