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The Value of a Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint serves to enhance the natural beauty of your home. You can add to the quality of your home with a professional paint job.

Here are some of the ways our services can help give your home an upgrade:

• By changing the colors in your home, you can redesign it to suit your tastes.
• By replacing chipped or peeling paint, we can help you remove the evident wear upon the exterior of your home.
• By having your cabinets refinished, you can extend your home makeover to the furniture and ensure that nothing will hinder your home’s new look.

A fresh coat of paint can be all the change necessary to take your living space from the homeliest house of the neighborhood to the most homelike house of the neighborhood.

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How Long Do Exterior Paint Jobs Last?

When it comes to exterior paint jobs, you want to ensure that they last as long as possible. To maximize exterior paint lifespan, it is best to use high-quality paint and hire an experienced painting contractor in NE Grand Rapids. Generally speaking, exterior paint jobs can last anywhere from 5 years to upwards of 15 depending on the quality of the products used and environmental elements such as the amount of rain or snow that a particular area gets each year. Through proper maintenance, exterior paint jobs can stand up even longer, providing years of protection against harsh weather and other outdoor conditions.

How Long Does an Interior Paint Job Last?

When planning interior painting projects, it is important to understand how long an interior paint job can last. Generally speaking, interior paints can be expected to last approximately 5 years if they are applied correctly. However, this number varies greatly depending on factors such as what type of paint is used and the amount of traffic the painted surface will receive. For example, paints that are designed for bathrooms or high-traffic areas may last even longer than standard interior paint types, while premium interior paints could potentially grant an even longer lifespan. All in all, with the correct preparation and application techniques, interior paint jobs can be expected to provide a beautifully fresh look for years to come.

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