Revive Your Brick Home with Professional Painters in Wilmington NC

Is your brick home looking worn and uninspiring? Tired of the same old red brick look? Looking to add some excitement to your property? Or maybe you just want a fresh change for your home? Look no further than Five Star Painting of Wilmington’s expert professional brick painting service! 

Painting brick is a challenging task that's best left to the professionals. That's where our highly skilled team of experts comes in.

Equipped with the necessary training and tools, our painting professionals can breathe new life into both the exterior and interior of your brick home.

Don't settle for a dull and tired appearance. Let our experts transform your brick house into a stunning masterpiece. Refresh your home like never before!

Contact Five Star Painting of Wilmington today or fill out our online form for a free estimate and schedule a brick painting or treatment service.

Find the Perfect Brick Paints & Treatments

Finding the right brick paint or treatment for your home's walls can be overwhelming. But at Five Star Painting of Wilmington, we've narrowed down the options to our top choices.

Explore our selection of masonry paints and treatments, including:

  • Classic Italian limewashing
  • Trendy whitewashing
  • Brick staining and tinting
  • Classic Italian mineral paint
  • Prime/seal brick and top coat with latex
  • Elastomeric coatings—multiple product choices available
  • German schmear, also known as sacking

Out of these options, our industry favorites are limewashing and mineral paints. Lime is a natural deterrent for algae, mold, and mildew, ensuring long-lasting protection for your brick. With these coatings, you can say goodbye to constant upkeep.

Make your brick walls stand out with our top-of-the-line paints and treatments.

Discover the Distinction: Limewash vs. Whitewash

When it comes to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your brick surfaces, both limewash and whitewash can work wonders. However, it's essential to grasp the nuances between these two treatments.

Limewash involves utilizing crushed limestone particles to create a putty-like substance. Whether you prefer a tinted or white finish, the end result will exude a refined, matte appearance.

On the other hand, whitewash entails applying a water-based paint-and-water solution to your brick. This technique creates a delicate layer of paint that allows portions of the original brick to peek through. By opting for this fashionable treatment, you can easily soften the color of your natural brick with a hue of your choice.

Book a Consultation with Our Skilled Brick Painters

Discover the perfect treatment for your bricks - whether it's limewashing, whitewashing, or staining. Our expert team at Five Star Painting of Wilmington will expertly guide you through the process and ensure a professional finish that you'll be proud of!

Join the industry leaders and find out what sets our brick painters apart.

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