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One of the easiest ways to enhance the aesthetic and durability of your deck is with a coat of paint, oil, or stain, especially if you find reliable professionals. Fortunately, you’ve found Five Star Painting of Wilmington.

Our painting services mean you can expect:

  • A consultation to discuss your plans, preferences, and budget
  • Honest pricing before any work begins
  • Prep work before painting, including cleaning, sanding, and restoration
  • Priming the surface for any paint projects
  • Careful application of paint or stain coats
  • A thorough inspection of the results to ensure everything is just right
  • Satisfaction guarantee with the Neighborly Done Right Promise®

A beautiful deck, patio, and fence go a long way when enjoying your outdoor spaces, entertaining guests, and appealing to potential buyers. You’ll save yourself time, money, and hassle by staying ahead of maintenance projects, and a painting contractor provides the easiest and most reliable way to understand when re-sealing and re-staining are due.

But don’t take our word for it – see some of our recent reviews to learn what others think about working with Five Star Painting of Wilmington.

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Deck & Fence Painting FAQs

Can I use deck paint on my fence?

You might think that it’s easier to finish both your deck and patio with the same product, but it will cause more problems. Fence paint is meant specifically for wood surfaces that aren’t going to have foot traffic. So, while you can use fence paint for the deck, it won’t last very long. And you’re very likely to find that paint is being tracked into your home, which is less than ideal.

Should decks and fences be the same color?

It could come down to your preferred style, or you might choose certain colors based on the desired effect, like:

  • Using dark, bold shades to complement nearby foliage
  • Choosing a lighter color to help a smaller space feel more open
  • Creating a continuous appearance by matching the indoor hues with the outdoor

Keep in mind that your deck will weather differently than your fence, which means you could end up with different shades of color even if you started with identical shades.

What’s the best paint to use for decking?

When it comes to picking a product that will last and be easier to maintain, you’ll want to consider what can withstand weather and foot traffic. That means oil is going to be a better solution. Paint and stain can flake or peel over time, while the oil helps protect the wood against warping, swelling, and drying.

If you’re unsure which option is best, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to discuss the selections available so you can make the most informed decision.

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