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Since these features serve such a utilitarian purpose, it's easy to forget about your cabinets among the many other concerns that each day brings. However, when they look worn-out, their appearance brings the rest of your house down a peg. It’s really best to update your cabinets before they become so run-down that somebody notices.

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Paint Your Cabinets in Style Wherever They Are

Even if the cabinets in your kitchen are brand-new and bright as can be, there are others throughout your house that might be in serious need of a new paint job. Some of the many places you should look for cabinets that might require some cosmetic attention include:

  • The garage
  • The bathrooms
  • Your master bedroom’s closet
  • The laundry facilities
  • Your workshop

Cupboards in garages and bathrooms are often the worst culprits in terms of wear and tear. Over time, moisture can severely damage the paint job on your bathroom cabinets, and those in your garage are often on the receiving end of DIY-related injuries. If you find that any of these fixtures are in need of repair, our Wilmington cabinet painters will be happy to set up a consultation with you.

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Why You Should Have the Pros Paint Your Cabinets

Painting your cabinets may seem easy, but this project can quickly become complicated. Many cabinets have intricate designs and carvings that are hard to paint correctly, and they may be in places that are difficult to reach. In addition, if you have cabinets throughout your house, painting each of them can become a demanding task that you simply don't have time to accomplish. When in doubt, rely on Five Star Painting of Wilmington to get the job done right.

Typical Cabinet Painting Questions

Are there any rules for choosing the right paint?

Choosing a paint color for your house can be tough. The right color can improve the outer appearance of your house or brighten up a room inside your home, creating the change you are looking for. 

Five Star Painting of Wilmington’s color experts can help you find the best color for any room in your house. It’s important to take hue, value, and intensity of each color into account. Looking to learn more about finding the right paint color? Contact Five Star Painting of Wilmington for a free estimate today!

Can cabinet painting help increase my home’s value?

Yes, having your cabinets , interior, and your exterior professionally painted can help boost your home’s value and curb appeal. Professional house painting can be especially beneficial if you’re planning to sell your home. 

New and amazing color schemes can help your home stand out and help make a great first impression on your potential buyers. Plus, it’s one less thing your potential buyers will need to worry about!

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