Photo of a light green house with a green manicured lawn among large trees

Color Selection: Choosing the right color

Choosing the right color for the walls in your home or your outside exterior is an important decision that igaolves time and preparation. At Five Star Painting we are committed to beautifying your walls with professional painting expertise. From complimentary to contrasting colors, our painting crews will add the fresh coat of paint your home has been waiting for.

Whether you’re moving in for the first time or redesigning your interior, defining the look and feel of your home is an exciting opportunity. Brainstorm ideas of new colors to implement in your home and evaluate a variety of color possibilities. If you enjoy nature, consider bringing some of your favorite outside colors inside, whether it’s the reds and oranges of autumn, or the blues and greens of summer.

Green Painted Walls with White Trim and View into Other Beige and Yellow Rooms of the Home

Visit the homes of neighbors, family and friends and look for new ideas. Try to identify the feelings you experience when you walk inside certain rooms and how the color of the room influences those feelings. Consider incorporating colors in your home that reflect your personality or lifestyle.

Kitchen Painted Light Orange

Remember to ask the following series of question when deciding on a paint color:

  • Does this color represent me and who I am?
  • Will this color stay in style?
  • Is this the right color for my home or office space?
  • Will I enjoy looking at this color throughout the coming years?
  • How will this color look with both natural lighting and indoor lighting?

Home Staircase and Entryway with Beige Walls and White Trim

Large Open Room with Light Yellow Walls

Color helps define our home and plays a major role in its design. At Five Star Painting, our mission is to capture your dreams and enhance your lifestyle by adding color to your world. Remember that your home is about you. Whatever color you choose, we will deliver the painting skills and expertise needed to beautify your space. Bring your home the new color it deserves with a fresh coat of paint from Five Star Painting.

Two-toned Brown Painted Home