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9 Patio Cleaning Tips

Now is the perfect time to clean your patio and get it ready for warmer spring and summer months. With these 9 patio cleaning tips you’ll have your patio ready to enjoy a perfect summer evening viewing an incredible sunset.

Clear the Deck!

Start by removing any objects that can be moved, to avoid getting more dust and debris on the patio furniture than is already there. Don’t forget to take any garden containers and set them on the grass until you are finished cleaning.

Top to Bottom

Dust everything from top to bottom removing dirt, cobwebs and last season’s old, dried leaves. If you have a covered patio, start by taking a broom and sweeping off any cobwebs from the ceiling and any walls and supporting beams that may have collected there since last fall.

Cleaning the Deck
Don’t forget the ceiling, looking up to see spider webs hanging above you isn’t fun for anyone.

Once the ceiling and walls have been brushed off, it’s time to sweep the floor. Be sure to get the corners and underneath anything that you were unable to move, if possible. Actually sweep the debris into a dust pan and put it in the garbage. If you just sweep the leaves into the flowerbed you are likely going to discover those leaves and dirt have found their way back onto your patio a second time. If more leaves are going to take up residence on your patio at least you can take comfort knowing they are not the same ones you have already swept away.

Spray it Off

Next, get out the hose. If you are going to clean the patio for the spring and summer season you might as well be thorough the first time. If you just have a concrete patio then a garden hose with a high pressure nozzle will probably be enough to get the surface looking clean. If you are tempted to use a pressure washer be careful and use the fan spray setting and don’t let the nozzle get too close to the area you are cleaning so you don’t damage the area.

Spray the Patio Off
You may have to spay and even use a detergent to get your patio clean, depending on the grim level.

Soap Up

If it has been a while since you have cleaned off the surface of your patio, you may need to use soap and water to brighten it up again. HGTV.comLink opens in a new tab recommends mixing dish soap with water. Pour the solution over the concrete and, using a high pressure setting on your garden hose nozzle, rinse the soap off. Pay special attention to any stained surfaces. If you have an area that is stained for some reason, take a scrub brush to that area before you rinse off the soap. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and remember what you are rinsing off when you consider which direction to rinse toward.

Scrub Down

If you have an area that is stained due to high moisture, shade and/or vegetation that are showing dark spots or are growing mold, mildew or moss, use a bleach water solution and start scrubbing. Make a point to wear clothes you don’t care about for this project because bleach will ruin them. Don’t forget to rinse and be careful during rinsing that you don’t cause and splashing in the direction of your patio furniture or any other surfaces that may be negatively affected by bleach.

Fresh Start for Flowers

This is a good time to remove the old soil from your flower pots and also clean the pots out with bleach to kill any bugs or disease that could be harmful to future plants. Place new soil in the pots to give this year’s flowers a fresh start – or take measures to recycle the old potting soilLink opens in a new tab to assure the soil is sterilized and replenished so new plants can grow and be healthy in the soil. Whatever you do with the dirt, plant your new flowers and water as needed.

Flowers on the Patio
Clean your flower pots for happier flowers and an added cheerful element on your patio.

Clean Furniture

Clean off your patio furniture so using them is not hazardous to your clothes. Do your research before you start going at your furniture with a hose. Some surfaces require special treatment and attention to keep them looking bright and to avoid damaging the materials. Make sure all areas of the furniture are allowed to dry thoroughly. Finally, arrange your furniture for optimal socializing, relaxing and sunset viewing.

Clean the Patio Furniture
Review proper cleaning techniques for your patio furniture before you start scrubbing.

Score the Grill

If you have a grill, now is a good time to make sure it’s clean and ready for barbecue season. If you are good at keeping up the care and keeping of your grill then cleaning it up for the summer shouldn’t be too involved. But if it’s seen more grilling action than cleaning you may have some carbon buildup that needs help.

Clean the Grill
Clean up your grill for summer grilling on the patio.

Again, do your research; some surfaces require special attention and certain chemicals while effective at removing carbon may damage some areas of your grill. If you have a self-cleaning setting on your oven, I would remove the grate from the grill and put it through the self-cleaning cycle in your oven to remove tough carbon. Don’t forget to thoroughly wipe off the grate to remove any ash that was left behind.

Add Patio Lights
String up an old string of Christmas lights or bistro lights for added atmosphere at your next barbecue.

Finishing Touches

Now that everything is clean, the flowers are planted, the furniture has been rearranged, and the grill cleaned and ready, it’s time to add some finishing touches to your patio. Have some fun and hang up some bistro lights for added atmosphere during an evening party. Set up the mosquito torches to deter the bugs and maybe buy some new pillows for added comfort and color.

Follow these 9 tips for cleaning your patio and make some party plans. Follow us on FacebookLink opens in a new tab and PinterestLink opens in a new tab for ideas for your next backyard barbecue. This is going to be a great summer. Have fun.