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Creating the Perfect Reading Nook for Your Child

The Ideal Reading Rooms to Cultivate the Habit of Learning in Your Child

With yet another school session now in full swing, it is time to create the perfect reading nook for your child to gain some important learning skills. A bookcase, a canopy or a bean bag, you may use a variety of materials to decorate your child’s favorite placeLink opens in a new tab in the entire house. ‘Far From The Madding Crowd’ and away from distractions, this reading nook will provide the ideal setting for your child to learn and grow.

When you provide your child with a proper space which is designated solely to the cause of learning, you will instill the quality of choosing to learn in your kid rather than making it look like a difficult chore.

Choosing the Right Spot

You may talk to your child about the preferred spotLink opens in a new tab for the creation of the reading nook. You may choose from a wide variety of locations located right inside your home. Some of the locationsLink opens in a new tab you may use are:

  • Child’s bedroom
  • Attic
  • By a large window
  • Under the stairs
  • By the fireplace

If your child loves to be surrounded by a lot of color, you may use the themeLink opens in a new tab of any favorite movie or character which your kid adores. For this purpose, you may paint the ceiling and the walls accordingly. For instance, you may create a starry night on a lush field of grass in your child’s reading nook by adding a carpet or rug, and painting the roof accordingly. This will help inspire the connection necessary between this spot and your kid to encourage the process of learning.

Gathering the Essential Materials

The perfect reading nook requires all the right materials that will make it comfortable for your child. Ask your child for their preference: would they prefer a desk and chair or a bean bag? What seems more interesting to them? Elements such as lightLink opens in a new tab, comfort, essential tools and a book case are the vital features in your child’s very own center of learning. You will also need pen holders to keep various art supplies in place. Adding a magnetic board to this spot will make it possible for your child to keep a daily timetable.

The Perfect Furnishings

Your little avid reader will need the right furniture to make sure there is no hindrance in the learning process. You will need a scale which will help you in determining the dimensions of the reading nook. Once you are done with all the measurements, you may now consult your child about the kind of furniture the little one is interested in.

In case of a desk and chairLink opens in a new tab, you might want to get hold of a writing table that comes with a lot of drawers and ample space on the writing platform. This is the spot where you may place a lamp which will provide direct illumination on the learning material. You may even opt for a ‘roll-up, roll-down’ writing table that allows covering up the writing platform immediately. The chair should be in direct proportion to the height of your child to make sure that there are no back issues to address later on.

You may add an accent rug to the floor of the reading nook according to the theme of the room. It will also provide extra comfort to the child. You may add toadstool seats to the reading nook so that the little one may have extra seating in the private corner while having company. Some kids like to lie down while they are reading. For such laid back children, get lots of soft cushions and bean bags. This will provide them with the comfortable seating they require to unleash their capabilities of learning and setting their imagination free.

Reading Nooks – The Best Way to Ensure a Sophisticated and Cultured Future for Your Children

As a parent, helping your child learn some pivotal skills in the formative years is your primary aim. Your kid may learn various facts at school, but what is learnt with self-motivationLink opens in a new tab is the best form of education. Make sure you spend time with your child in this reading nook to help deliver guidelines as to how to develop the valuable skills of reading, writing and creating. Once you ensure these important factors, you will see a tremendous amount of difference in the overall performance of your child both in academics and in their social life.

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