How Much for a Professional to Paint a House Interior?

Stepladder with painting supplies on the floor
While many of us are capable of handling a paintbrush for a few touch-ups here and there, painting the interior of a home is a job that will challenge even for the most ambitious of us. If you’re tired of looking at the same-colored wall and are ready for a fresh, new look, you might be wondering how much it will cost to hire a professional to paint your house’s interior.  

The answer to this question depends on several factors. These include things like repairs and the extent of repairs needed prior to painting, what quality of paint, whether the ceiling and trim is included. To give you a better idea of what that cost might be we’ll review some of the things that will factor into the cost.  

Repair Needed?  

In order to properly paint a room, any damage to the walls must first be repaired. Holes from hanging art, divots from furniture, or other inconsistencies will all have to be filled in and smoothed out. These types of repairs would be included in the overall cost of the project.  

Typically, most of the repairs needed are not major and therefore only require minor work. Barring extensive damage to walls, ceilings and baseboards, most of these repairs can be done with a little spackle and a putty knife. In fact, you could more than likely do many of these repairs yourself before the painters begin work.  

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What Kind of Paint  

The type of paint you want will also affect the cost of your interior painting project. Some paint types are more expensive than others and will be reflected in the total cost of the job. Different rooms also require different paint types. For example, the paint used on the cabinetry in your kitchen will be different than the paint used on the walls in your bedroom.  

Matte paint, which is typically used for walls, costs between $25 and $50 per gallon. Semi-gloss paint, which is usually used for cabinetry, will cost between $33 and $56 per gallon. This discrepancy between paint types will affect the cost of your whole painting project.  

Ceiling and Trim  

One of the other factors that will affect the cost of your professional interior paint job is whether or not you need the ceilings and trim painted. These extra surfaces will be added to the total square footage of the project. If you are planning on getting them painted as well, it is best to include that square footage into the total estimated cost of the project. 

Painting trim can also be a more involved job than painting flat wall surfaces. Because of this, a professional painter may charge an extra fee for trim painting services. The additional expense can be attributed to the masking and delicate brushwork needed for this part of the project.  

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We put this information together to provide you with a general estimate of what an interior paint job might cost. What we can’t put a price on is the feeling you get when you walk into your newly painted home. A professionally painted interior will give your home a whole new look and change the way you feel about your surroundings. To receive a more accurate estimate for your specific home, schedule an appointment with Five Star Painting today.