Paint Colors Through the Decades

Small paint cans display a variety of different colors.
From the retro hues of a 60s color palette to the Tuscan-style influences of the 90s color scheme, decade-inspired painting ideas are a fun and creative way to refresh your home interior. Whether you’re looking to update a modern home or restore a historic property, we have helpful tips for choosing paint combinations that will excite and inspire, and how to apply them like an expert.

Color of the Decades

There’s inspiration to be gained from paint trends of the past. So how do you choose which decade fits your home’s aesthetic?

Take a look at the existing furniture, décor, and design of your home. A modern style may better fit classic, neutral color choices, or provide a blank canvas for the spunk of 60s and 70s color choices. On the other hand, if you have a historic home, you may prefer to stick with timeless, versatile shades that stay true to the home’s original colors and architecture.

Here are our favorite decade-inspired paint color combinations to consider.

60s Color Palette: In the 60s, love, peace, and the Beatles rocked the world. Paint colors from this era are bold with a touch of psychedelic, often featuring paisley patterns, clashing colors, and mod graphics. A black and white color scheme can also help you make a strong 60s statement in your home.

Paint colors we recommend to capture that far-out feeling include:

1960s paint colors

  • Navel | SW6887: This sunny navel orange shade brightens up any space and pairs beautifully with Faint Coral | SW6329 and Westhighland White | SW7566.

colors from the decades

  • Daisy | SW6910: Perfectly representing the 60s, this medium-light shade of yellow lends a retro flair. Complementing shades are the gray hue Acier | SW9170 and clean Shell White | SW8917.

Colors from the decades

  • Tricorn Black | SW6258: Make a bold, mod B&W statement by pairing this timeless black paint with Pure White SW7005 accents, or the other way around.

70s Color Palette: Want to express the good vibes of the 70s through your paint color scheme? Think earth tones like beige, avocado, brown, and harvest gold. The 70s color palette can seem evergreen when you have the right décor. This laid-back color scheme will give you a peaceful, easy feeling.

Bring the 70s into your pad with these paint colors:

colors from the 70s

  • Avocado | SW2861: It doesn’t get much more 70s than this popular hue that colored everything from refrigerators to bell-bottom corduroys. Go bold, contrasting with Tricorn Black | SW6258 or more muted with Medici Ivory | SW7558.

Colors from the 70s

  • Jute Brown | SW6096: This earthy tone helps you achieve your 70s aesthetic while being on-trend for today’s style. Add a splash of the complementary Secret Cove | SW9058 or create a chill 70s environment with the neutral Shiitake | SW9173.

Colors from the 70s

  • Afternoon | SW6675: It’s gonna be a bright, sunshiny day with this uplifting shade in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Pair with Moth Wing | SW9174 or Dover White | SW6385 to achieve a fresh paint job that will breathe new flower-power into the space.

90s Color Palette: Jump to the 90s to bring opulent McMansion-style influences into your home’s color scheme. Rustic golds, beige, and terra cotta reigned supreme, and they can add warmth and authenticity to your modern-day home style.

Here are our recommended paint colors to honor the 90s aesthetic in your home:

Colors from the 90s

  • Bungalow Beige | SW7511: Yes, it’s neutral, but it pairs seamlessly with a splash of color from Copper Harbor | SW6634 or the soft, creamy Vanillin | SW 6371.

Colors from the 90s

  • Svelte Sage | SW 6164: This paint shade brings a laid-back feeling to your home. Pair it with Creamy | SW7012 or Maison Blanche | SW7526, depending on your aesthetic goals.

Colors from the 90s

  • Fireweed | SW6328: It doesn’t get much more Tuscan-inspired than this fiery paint shade. Complementary paints include Intimate White | SW6322 and Dirty Martini | SW9119.

Expert Paint Application Tips

Once you’ve decided on the paint shades that are right for your decade-inspired home painting project, follow these tips to get beautiful results:

  • Prepare your walls before painting. It’s essential to have a smooth surface free of holes, cracks, and nail pops to achieve a seamless paint result. If you notice holes, sand away paint flakes and apply spackle, sand again, and then you’re ready for primer and paint.
  • Don’t skip the primer. Primer will ensure your paint job is durable and long-lasting. It covers up darker paint colors and prepares the surface for whatever fresh splash of color you choose.
  • Don’t rely on painter’s tape alone. Painter’s tape can be time-consuming and often doesn’t give you a clean, professional outcome. If you plan to use it, pair it with an angled brush to paint around tight spaces like baseboards, corners, and ceilings.
  • Choose matte, satin, or flat paint. Semi-gloss paint is good for doors, crown molding, and baseboards because it’s easy to clean. Choose matte or satin for all your interior walls.
  • Don’t stop with one coat of paint. Two coats are essential, or else the old color may bleed through. Two coats will also look richer, and the paint will last longer.

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Create Your Dream Interior with Professional Paint Services

Choosing color schemes from the past can be a fun way to freshen up your home interior, but painting takes time, effort and some patience. If you lack any of these but would like to get your paint project finished, contact your local paint pros at Five Star Painting. We’re experts at helping homeowners with painting projects that refresh the interior and exterior of their home. So, whatever your vision is, we can help bring it to life. Give us a call at (888) 261-3633 or schedule an estimate online.