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Professional Fence & Deck Staining Services

Give your outdoor living space a boost in color with paint or stain. You may want a new look, or have fading paint on your deck or fence.Five Star Painting of Dayton, OH offersprofessional residential deck and fence painting services in Dayton, OH, and the surrounding areas. We work with you to choose the best paint or stain for your deck or fence. Deck and fence boards are prone to rotting and fading, so we are here to help. We know the best ways to apply paint to ensure your boards look as good as new. Contact us today to get an estimate on our professional deck and fence painting services.  

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Professional Refinishing Services

Our service professionals have the training and equipment to make your deck or fence look as good as new. We can apply new coats of paint, stain wood, wash off mildew, replace damaged boards, and more. Some of our many refinishing services include the following:   

  • Painting 
  • Staining 
  • Wood repair 
  • Wood replacement 
  • Pressure washing 

The Benefits of Fence & Deck Staining Services  

Our customers love the look and feel of deck and fence staining. Some of the most significant benefits of fence and deck staining services include the following: 


Staining is an excellent way to boost the natural beauty of your wood. 

Prevents Wood Rot 

Staining seals wood pores to help prevent rot, decay, and mold growth.  

Stops Fading 

Wood fades and discolors due to weathering, so it’s important to help protect it with stain.   

Deck Paint vs. Stain 

The most significant difference between paint and stain is that paint sits on top of the surface, while stain absorbs into the surface. We can help determine the best thing for your deck or fence. Some of the differences between paint and stain include the following: 


Stain enhances the natural beauty and grain of your wood, while paint covers the wood with a specific color. 


Stains are typically semi-transparent or transparent to allow the natural grain of the boards to show through, while paint covers the grain. 


Stain fades and wears away over time, so wood needs to be stained every few years. Painted wood typically lasts longer without chipping or fading. 


Painting requires prepping the wood with sanding and priming. Staining is directly applied to clean wood.  

Fence & Deck Paint and Stain Maintenance 

We offer ongoing fence and deck stain and paint maintenance to ensure your color is fresh. We help increase the lifespan of your stain or paint with maintenance services. It’s important to get a professional pressure wash yearly. We recommend fresh coats of stain and paint touchups every one to four years.  

How to Choose a Fence or Deck Paint Color   

We have almost every color of paint imaginable for your deck or fence. It’s important to consider the effects of direct sunlight on your deck or fence when choosing the perfect paint color. Darker deck paint colors don’t show dirt or stains. Our team works with you to ensure you choose a paint color that reflects your aesthetic goals for your outdoor living space and will last for many years.  

How to Choose a Fence or Deck Stain Finish  

We offer stains in multiple types of finishes to meet your style needs. We can work with you to ensure you choose the best stain for your outdoor living space. Our types of stain finishes include the following:  

Transparent or Translucent  

A transparent stain finish shows most of the natural wood grain through it. Most of these stains are oil-based to allow them to penetrate deeply into wood boards. 


Semi-transparent stain finishes allow a small amount of wood grain to show through. Most semi-transparent stain finishes are water-based, so we do not need to remove previous stain coatings.   


Solid stain finish does not show any wood grain. Most of these finishes are water-based and can be created in any color.   

Why Choose Five Star Painting of Dayton, OH? 

Five Star Painting of Dayton, OH wants to enhance the lifespan and look of your fence or deck. We can come to your home to help you choose the perfect stain finish or paint color for your deck or fence. Our team offers various types of fence and deck painting and staining services. We are trained to apply the paint or stain to boost its lifespan correctly. Take advantage of our fence and deck maintenance services to ensure your paint or stain is in excellent health. We always offer estimates for our services. In addition to Dayton, we serve Troy, Vandalia, Beavercreek, Fairborn & other nearby areas. Contact us today to schedule deck and fence painting services. 

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