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If you’re tired of old and outdated wallpaper, let us help you. Five Star Painting of Dayton, OH offers residential wallpaper removal services in Dayton, OH, and surrounding areas. Our service professionals are trained in the most effective ways to remove the wallpaper in your home. We understand the challenge of trying to tear off old wallpaper yourself. Let our professionals easily remove your wallpaper. We always inspect your existing wallpaper to determine if it can easily be stripped away. Contact us today to learn more about our wallpaper removal services.  

Furnished bedroom after Five Star Painting wallpaper removal service.

Professional Wallpaper Removal Techniques

We understand many people want to attempt to remove wallpaper themselves. Removing old wallpaper is a challenging task that needs to be completed by a trained professional. We consider the following factors when choosing the best supplies and techniques to remove your wallpaper: 

  • How was your current wallpaper applied? 
  • How long has your wallpaper been on the surface? 
  • What type of wallpaper is it? 
  • Was your wall properly primed and sealed before application? 

Our Wallpaper Removal Process 

We can help you safely and effectively remove old-fashioned wallpaper. Our professional wallpaper removal process includes the following: 


Our team can come to your home to inspect the existing wallpaper and determine the best approach to removing it.  

Wallpaper Removal 

We remove your wallpaper with high-quality equipment. 

Repairing Your Walls 

Our team can remove any debris and issues left by your wallpaper. 

Sanding or Paint Application  

Our service professionals will sand, apply primer, and paint your walls to ensure the room meets your aesthetic goals.    

Clean Up & Inspection  

We clean up after ourselves and do a final inspection of your wallpaper removal services. 

What Type of Wallpaper Do I Have? 

The type of wallpaper in your home affects our removal process. The best way to tell the wallpaper type is to lift a corner. If the wallpaper tears, it is typically a vinyl or finished product. The removal process will be more challenging if the wallpaper surface layers peel off. Porous wallpapers absorb water and are easy to remove. You can determine if your wallpaper is porous by spraying a small area. If the paper absorbs your water, it is porous. Our service professionals can handle any type of wallpaper removal. We have the expertise and necessary tools to make the process go smoothly.   

Additional Wallpaper Removal & Painting Services   

Five Star Painting of Dayton, OH goes beyond simple wallpaper removal services to offer comprehensive surface services. Some of the most common services we perform following our wallpaper removal services include the following:   

  • Removing remaining wallpaper glue/Priming walls to prep for painting 
  • Patching or repairing drywall 
  • Painting walls and trim 
  • Installing or replacing baseboards   

Wallpaper Removal Service Costs  

The peace of mind knowing your wallpaper is correctly removed is priceless. If you’re wondering about the costs of wallpaper removal, our prices typically reflect the job itself. We customize our wallpaper removal services to the needs of your home and your walls. We always come to your home to offer an estimate on our services. We consider the job size, the age of your wallpaper, the type of wallpaper, and our necessary removal method. If your wallpaper is located on stairways or vaulted ceilings, it may require more time and effort for removal.  

Why Choose Five Star Painting of Dayton, OH?  

Five Star Painting of Dayton, OH is here to save you from hours or challenging wallpaper removal chores. Our service professionals are trained in the best ways to remove your wallpaper. We offer flexible scheduling to meet your needs. We can help transform any area of your home into the one of your dreams. When you’re ready to change the look of your outdated wallpaper, we’re here for you.  

Contact Us for Professional Service Today  

Five Star Painting of Dayton, OH provides comprehensive painting solutions in Troy, Vandalia, Beavercreek, Fairborn, and other areas around Dayton. We customize our services to meet your aesthetic goals and the needs of your home. We always clean up after our projects and treat your home with the utmost respect. Let our team work with you to create the space of your dreams. Contact us today to get an estimate on our trusted residential wallpaper removal services. 

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