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Using Eco-Friendly Paint to Beautify Your Property

Five Star Painting of Elmhurst is committed to providing households in and around Elmhurst, IL with eco-friendly painting services. We care about our many customers and their communities and work hard to make a better impact on the environment for current and future generations. For these reasons, we offer Illinois residents a safer and more environmentally friendly option to ensure their homes’ paint looks outstanding by using low- to no-VOC paint. On this page, we’ll cover several of the most essential facts about low-VOC paint that every homeowner should know, including its ideal applications and benefits. To summarize these points, we proudly express how perfect our eco-friendly paint options are for any household that wants to invest in home repainting with healthier and more sustainable chemical compounds than the traditional paints you find other professionals using. You can learn more about our eco-friendly painting services and contact us to discuss your home painting needs. 

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What Is Low-VOC Paint or VOC-Free Paint? 

Eco-friendly paint comes in two main types: low-VOC and VOC-free paints. VOC stands for volatile organic compounds, and these are chemicals known by science not to be particularly good for the environment. VOCs are also hazardous to a person’s health. These compounds commonly emit more chemicals into the air and are less water-soluble, so they take longer to break down. The current low-VOC paint and VOC-free paint selections are more sustainable than the traditional paints many companies use, but each is slightly different from the other. The industry requires low-VOC paint to have less than 50g of VOCs per liter of paint, while VOC-free paint must have less than 5g of VOCs per liter. If you don’t know which paint option is the right choice to paint your home, one of Five Star Painting of Elmhurst’s painting experts will gladly give you a more in-depth explanation of your options. 

Where Can I Apply Paint With No or Low VOCs 

When homeowners use paint on their houses with little to no VOCs, they typically question if they can use this type of paint anywhere. As you may know, painting professionals often recommend using one type of paint to put on their home exteriors and then applying a different type of paint to their home’s interior. Fortunately, low-VOC paint options are available for both interior and exterior surfaces. Paint containing less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is excellent for indoor use since it reduces how many contaminants you breathe while indoors. Low-VOC paint is also gentler for people with sensitive allergies. Conversely, applying low-VOC paint to exterior surfaces is crucial for eco-conscious homeowners since a home’s exterior paint can directly affect nature. 

The Benefits of Using Low-VOC Paint for Your Projects 

Five Star Painting of Elmhurst can give you a multitude of reasons to select low-VOC paint when our team repaints your home. Each household will find eco-friendly acrylic paint or spray paint appealing for various reasons. Some homeowners find low-VOC or VOC-free paint’s health and safety benefits attractive. Other people go with low-VOC paint because of its better environmental impact. Some other appealing benefits of low-VOC paints include the following: 

  • Better air quality 
  • Less odor 
  • Easier on people with allergies 
  • Releases fewer contaminants into the groundwater, landfills, and ozone 

Why Low-VOC Painting Isn’t a Do-It-Yourself Project 

Many Illinois residents consider painting their own homes with low-VOC paint. Five Star Painting of Elmhurst’s professional team strongly recommends hiring a team of highly trained and seasoned professional painters to apply low-VOC paint to their interiors and exteriors. Eco-friendly paints do offer many outstanding advantages, but applying them can be more difficult. Furthermore, results after performing your own painting may leave you disappointed. Low-VOC paints use organic solvents, making them more challenging to paint on an even coat. Additionally, this paint type’s drying time is not the same as the standard, traditional paint brands. However, our skillful and highly knowledgeable painters have plenty of experience applying low-VOC paints, and we can make them look flawless on your walls, siding, and other surfaces. When working with our company, you can reap all the benefits of eco-friendly painting and enjoy flawless results simultaneously. 

Request a Free Estimate for Eco-Friendly Painting Services 

At Five Star Painting of Elmhurst, we work hard to make your painting project as convenient as possible for you. Our company strives to make the process easy to complete your interior or exterior painting with eco-friendly paint in and around Elmhurst. We proudly service Park Ridge, Northfield, Glenview, Highland Park, Kenilworth, Wilmette, Deerfield, Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, Northbrook, Glencoe, Lincolnshire, Riverwoods, and Bensenville. We also simplify understanding the pricing of our painting services with free, no-pressure estimates covering all aspects of your job. Homeowners can always trust us for fair and fixed prices because our final costs never include hidden expenses or fees. That kind of dedication to an exceptional customer experience has earned us a reputation as one of the area’s most trusted names in painting. Contact us today to request a free eco-friendly painting estimate. 

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