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Interior Painting Services

There are many reasons why you may want to paint your interior. It may be time for a complete color change. Perhaps you simply need a refresh, as painted walls get dinged up over time. Regardless of the reason, the crew at Five Star Painting is ready to serve you in the Five Star Painting of Hilton Head area.

Interior Painting Isn’t Just for Living Rooms

Most people think of the main rooms in their house when they are considering repainting. This might include the living room, kitchen, or bedrooms. While these areas can definitely feel refreshed with a new coat of paint, there are many other areas that can also benefit from a paint job. Consider painting the following spaces:

• Entryway

• Mudroom

• Laundry room

• Flooring

• Wood paneling

• Trim

• Storage closets

• Pantry

• Ceilings

These are just some of the options available to you. The painters we work with can paint a variety of rooms, so reach out to us and see if we can help with your painting needs.

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Reasons You May Need to Repaint

You may only think of repainting your interior when you are ready for a change of color. However, there are many good reasons to repaint your interior spaces. Here are four additional reasons you may want to repaint:

• Cover up scratches and other wear and tear that happens over time.

• Make a small room look bigger or a bigger room look smaller and more cozy

• Increase the value of your home.

• Protect your interior surfaces from moisture, allowing them to hold up longer.

Regardless of the reason, the painting contractors we work with will do their best to help make your dreams a reality.

Why You Need Professionals

Painting is often viewed as a DIY project, but hiring professional painters like the ones we work with at Five Star Painting comes with huge benefits. When you have a painting team on the job, all you have to do is wait for the work to be done. Painting a major room of your home, such as the kitchen, can be a disturbance to your daily life. The painters we contract with will do their best to work with you to create a minimal level of disturbance so that you can continue with your daily activities. We will strive to stay on budget and on time.

Are you ready for a refresh? Call us today at (843) 765-1541 to schedule a free estimate on the cost of your project.

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