Bedroom Painting Services

Your bedroom is your sanctuary for rest and relaxation, and the paint color should reflect this. When it comes time to paint your bedroom, Five Star Painting can help. We know how important it is that your bedroom is comfortable and looks great. That’s why we will help you find a bedroom paint color that reflects your style and matches the aesthetic of your entire home.

Bohemian style slanted bedroom ceiling with white walls, a forest green accent wall, and gray decor.

Best Paint for Bedrooms

Our experts recommend flat, eggshell, or satin paint finishes for bedrooms. These paint finishes reflect less light than glossy paint, and since bedroom walls don’t get stained as readily as kitchen surfaces, you won’t be wiping the walls down regularly. We suggest low-VOC and eco-friendly paints to keep potentially toxic fumes from off-gassing.

For kids’ rooms at constant risk of becoming a canvas for crayons and markers, we suggest sticking with a satin sheen, which is the easiest to clean of the three recommended paint finishes.

Bedroom Paint Colors

Bohemian style room with nude pink walls, light wood furniture, and vibrant earthy decor.

Bedroom paint colors should be subdued and tranquil. Look for toned-down hues of green, blue, violet, or teal for a relaxing feel. You can also paint wainscoting or trim a different color to provide some contrast. If you really want to add a splash of vibrant color in your bedroom, an accent wall is the perfect solution.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Bedroom?

Modern chic style bedroom with steel blue walls, white trim and baseboards, and chic decor.

The size of the bedroom, prep work needed, and the type of paint used will combine to determine the cost of painting a bedroom. The surfaces painted, such as tray ceilings and intricate trim work, will also affect the cost. The best way to get an exact cost is to request a free estimate online.

An estimate from Five Star Painting is obligation-free. Once we’re hired, we’ll ensure the project stays on time and on budget. When we’re finished, we’ll clean up and it’ll look like we were never there!

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