Residential Painting Services

We'll Find Your Painting Contractor

Hiring us for your residential painting project would minimize how much you've got to take care of on your own. We'll figure out who is the best contractor for the job, and will send them right to you. We've been doing this for years, so we're experienced at helping people in nearly any situation. Here's what you can expect if you work with us.

Absolutely Inspired Creations

We go about every job we do with a heart full of dedication to the craft. Painting isn't something we do as a way to make ourselves busy all the time. It's part of what makes us who we are, integral to our characters. As such, we're confident we'll give you a great experience while helping with your project.

You'll be living somewhere with an updated color scheme soon enough.

Give Five Star Painting a call at (219) 334-2956 to set up an appointment for a free estimate.

A Trained Group of Experienced Contractors

No matter where you are in Merrillville, we've got a contractor perfect for the situation. Working in tight quarters feels a lot different than applying paint on a home's exterior. So, we've put together a ton of different contractors, to cover every possibility.

Here are a few places we could help you at your home:

• Dining room

• Living room

• Kitchen

• Pantry

• Wardrobes

• Basements

• Porches

• Decks

• Patios

• Pergolas

• Exterior walls

• Siding

• Family room

• Home office

• Guest room

Your Committed Residential Painting Team

After you've told us what you'd like done, will schedule someone to take care of your job ASAP. You'll have an expected date for your estimate by the time you're done on the phone. That's how excited we are to help with your upcoming project.

If you'd like to learn more, call Five Star Painting at (219) 334-2956 today.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to capture your dreams and enhance your lifestyle by adding color to your world!”

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