Interior Painting Services

Achieving Your Interior Design Goals

Five Star Painting has helped many homeowners in Five Star Painting of Saint Johns County achieve home interiors that are fresh, beautiful, modern and lasting. You have exciting ideas for your home, and we’re thrilled for the opportunity to help you realize those concepts in an affordable and timely way. We often work with our customers to achieve many different design goals, including:

• Optimizing lighting

• Making an area feel bigger

• Achieving a particular atmosphere

• Creating transitions between spaces

• Enhancing a space for a particular function

A Variety of Rooms

Some homeowners hire us to refinish their entire homes in a single pass. Others hire us for just a room or several, and that may be because there’s been a home renovation or addition or just because it’s time to spruce up a particular area. Some of the rooms we commonly prep and finish include:

• Kitchens

• Bedrooms

• Bathrooms

• Living rooms

• Dining rooms

Do you need help with ideas for a particular room or several? Offering options on design coordination is an important aspect of what we do, so call us at (904) 844-0898 to discuss your ideas.

It All Starts With Meticulous Prep

Paint finishes that have that signature professional polish don’t happen by accident. It requires skill and experience but also attention to detail when it comes to the seemingly mundane aspects of prep. The necessary prep for any particular room will vary but may include:

• Priming

• Caulking

• Hand-washing

• Drywall repair

• Wallpaper removal

• Wall or ceiling texture removal

Finishing Many Aspects of a Room

The painters we work with can paint a room from top to bottom. They can also paint specific areas of a room, such as painting the trim and leaving the walls intact. Room aspects we paint include:

• Walls

• Floors

• Ceilings

• Chair rails

• Baseboards

• Crown molding

• Doors and door frames

• Window sills, frames and mutins

On-site consultations are provided at no cost. Call us at (904) 844-0898 or contact us online, and we’ll schedule a professional to provide an in-home assessment and written estimate.

Our Vision

“Our vision is to capture your dreams and enhance your lifestyle by adding color to your world!”

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