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One of the best ways to add character to your home is with faux painting and finishing techniques. You can get the look of woodwork or marble without renovating your home. Five Star Painting of Spokane offers residential faux texture painting services in Spokane, WA. We can transform your walls with multiple types of faux textures, from color washing to marbleizing. Textured faux painting offers a realistic and stunning look without the price of renovating your home with marble or leather upgrades. We can work with you to help bring your dreams to life with paint. Ask us about textured and faux painting services today. 

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What Is Faux Finish Painting?

We use high-quality paint with a faux finish technique to create gorgeous looks. Faux finish painting creates texture by replicating the feel and look of unique surfaces, including marble, wallpaper, suede, and more. We can give your home the elegance of historic homes or the warmth of a farmhouse without a complete renovation.  

Professional Faux Texture Paint Benefits 

Faux texture painting offers the timeless look of wood, marble, and other textures using unique paint techniques. Our customers love the look and feel of faux texture painting. Some of the many benefits of our textured and faux finish painting services include the following:  

  • Faux finish painting lasts longer than wallpaper. 
  • We can effectively hide any imperfections on your surfaces. 
  • Faux finish textured painting is versatile to meet your style goals. 
  • Our team offers multiple colors and texture styles. 
  • Faux finish painting is more cost-effective than complete renovations. 

Popular Faux Painting Techniques 

Our design consultants work with you to determine the best faux texture painting technique to meet your style goals. Some of our most popular faux painting texture techniques include the following:  

Sponging - The sponging faux texture technique gives your walls a beautiful look with added dimension.  

Rag Rolling - We can achieve the look of weathered leather for a bold style. 

Marbleizing - Marbleizing includes layer tint glazes over a base coat that produces the look of elegant marble. 

Faux Granite - Our team provides the look of granite for a sophisticated style in rooms with sponging and speckling. 

Wood - We can give any room in your home a refined look with a faux wood finish for warmth.  

Color Washing - Color Washing provides a traditional, beautiful look that involves sponging or ragging a thin layer of glaze over a darker base color.  

Why Choose Faux Painting? 

Many of our customers love faux painting because they have freedom of color and style with faux textures. Our service professionals can replicate the appearance of all types of natural materials to create an elegant and warm look. We can work with you to bring your style dreams to life with faux texture painting. We recommend hiring our service professionals to perform faux texture painting services. Our team is highly trained in detail-oriented painting projects to ensure your surfaces are brought to life with paint. We know the best ways to make your home a masterpiece in style.  

Trust Five Star Painting of Spokane 

Our team understands the importance of staying updated on innovative painting styles. Faux painting is a popular interior decorating trend that transforms any room in your home. We love the stunning results of faux textured painting techniques. Our service professionals use Sherwin-Williams and Behr paints to ensure your paint lasts for many years. Your project manager meets with you regularly to ensure you're happy with the results of our painting services. We want to meet your style goals and help you understand our painting process. Our team always puts your painting needs first. 

Contact Us for Faux Painting Services 

Five Star Painting of Spokane is here for all your painting needs in Spokane, Liberty Lake, Newman Lake, and Nine Mile Falls. Our faux texture painting services help bring your surfaces to life with paint. Whether you want the look of elegant marble or rustic wood, we can make it happen. Our service professionals help you choose the best faux texture styles that meet the style goals of each room. We offer innovative ways to help your home look completely renovated without the price tag of renovations. We believe in the power of a fresh coat of paint. Contact our team today to get an estimate on our texture and faux painting services.  

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