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Brick painting is an art that changes the look and feel of your home. Five Star Painting of West Oklahoma City provides brick painting and treatments in Yukon, OK. With vast expertise, our team will advise you if painting your brick exterior or interior is an optimal choice for your home. We handle the entire process, transforming your home efficiently and swiftly once you've settled on your desired look. Contact us today to get an estimate on painted brick wall services. 

Brick painting treatments from Five Star Painting.

Advantages of Brick Painting Services

Painting your brick exterior is a positive choice that boosts the look of your home. Some of the many benefits of brick painting services include:

Refreshes Your Home  

Earthy brick shades were a hit in older architectural trends, dominating home designs. These might cause your home to blend excessively with its natural backdrop. Dark brick might also set a rather unwelcome tone before visitors even set foot inside. Our professionals can assist you in selecting a hue that instills a lively, welcoming ambiance. 

Protection Against Weather  

Brick can be vulnerable to water damage like many other housing materials. The good news is that appropriate brick treatment options and paint can offer an additional defense layer against weather elements. This not only prevents erosion but also gives your home a lasting facelift.  

Low Maintenance 

Painted brick is a low-maintenance option for durability. It’s easy to keep clean without worrying about excessive dirt and debris. Without a coat of paint, your porous bricks are more prone to catching dirt. 

Fireplace Brick Paint Services 

Interior fireplaces are an excellent choice for brick painting services. Our service professionals know the most effective ways to remove soot. We use paint and stains that withstand the excessive temperatures of a fire. 

Customized Brick Paints & Treatments  

We provide various options for brick stains, paints, and treatments. Some of the most common masonry paints and treatments we offer include: 

  • Whitewashing 
  • Classic Italian limewashing 
  • Brick staining and tinting 
  • Italian mineral paint 
  • Prime/seal brick and top coat with latex 
  • Elastomeric coatings 
  • German schmear 

Maintenance: Protecting Your Painted Brick 

One of the primary advantages of brick paint treatments is the relative ease of maintenance compared to raw brick. Painted bricks still require care to retain their luster and longevity. We recommend our routine maintenance services. You help us between maintenance visits by lightly washing your bricks to keep dirt and grime at bay. For stubborn stains or algae overgrowth, a mild detergent and soft brush are recommended. Avoid harsh chemicals or pressure washers, as they can damage the paint. 

Limewash Versus Whitewash: Identifying the Differences 

Two of our most popular brick treatments are limewash and whitewash. Both treatments respectively deliver impressive results, but it's essential to comprehend their differences. 

Limewash treatment is a process involving crushed limestone particles transformed into a putty-like consistency. Available in tinted or pure white, the final result offers a flat, chalky appearance and texture. 

Whitewash treatment involves the use of a water and paint mixture applied to the brick. It leaves a thin coat of paint, enabling some brick to be visible underneath. This chic treatment moderates the hue of your natural brick with the desired paint color. 

Why Choose Us for Brick Painting? 

Five Star Painting of West Oklahoma City is your trusted locally-owned painting company that puts your needs first. We offer exceptional financing options to ensure our services are cost-effective. We customize your brick painting treatments to meet your aesthetic goals. You’ll love the transformation from a coat or paint or stain. Our team will gladly come to your home to offer an estimate for our services. 

Five Star Painting of West Oklahoma City 

Five Star Painting of West Oklahoma City is here for all your staining and painting needs in Yukon, Mustang, and Oklahoma City. We understand the amazing transformation from a fresh coat of stain or paint for your bricks. Our team can help determine the most effective treatments for your surfaces. We use high-quality paints and stains that make a difference. Contact us today to get an estimate on our brick staining and painting treatments. 

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