Exceptional Deck Staining & Fences Painting Services in Yukon, OK

Freshen up your outdoor space with a splash of paint or a coat of stain. If you need a fresh look, or your fence or deck paint is fading, Five Star Painting of West Oklahoma City provides expert deck and fence painting services in and around Yukon, OK. We collaborate with you to select the ideal paint or stain for your deck or fence. Deck and fence boards decay and fade over time, so we are always here for you. We have the expertise to apply paint and stain in a manner that will make your boards look as good as new. Reach out to us today for an estimate on our top-notch deck and fence painting services. 

Large off-white patio after deck painting service from Five Star Painting.

Expert Refurbishment Services

Our trained service professionals have the right gear to rejuvenate your deck or fence. We can apply fresh coats of stain, paint boards, wash off debris, replace old boards, and more. Some of our numerous refurbishing services are as follows: 

  • Painting 
  • Staining 
  • Wood repair 
  • Wood replacement 
  • Pressure washing 

Advantages of Fence & Deck Staining Services  

Our clients adore the aesthetics and feel of deck and fence staining. Some key benefits of fence and deck staining services are: 

Natural Wood Beauty 

Staining a deck or fence is an excellent method to enhance the natural charm of your wood. 

Protection Against Wood Rot 

Staining seals the wood pores to prevent rot, decay, and mold growth.  

Helps Prevent Fading 

 Wood discolors and fades due to weathering, making it essential to protect it with stain.  

Deck Paint vs. Stain 

The major difference between paint and stain is that paint rests on the surface while stain penetrates the surface. We can help decide what is best for your deck or fence. Some differences between paint and stain include: 

  • Stain brings out the natural beauty and grain of your wood, while paint offers specific color coverage to the wood. 
  • Stains tend to be semi-transparent or transparent to allow the natural grain of the boards to be seen, while paint conceals the grain. 
  • Stain tends to fade and wear away over time, requiring the wood to be stained every few years. Painted wood typically endures longer without fading or chipping. 
  • Painting requires sanding and priming the wood. The stain is applied directly to clean wood. 

Maintaining Wood Deck Stain & Paint  

We offer continuous fence and deck stain and paint maintenance services to keep your color vibrant. Our maintenance services extend the lifespan of your stain or paint. We recommend getting a professional pressure wash annually and touchups of fresh stain and paint coats every one to four years.  

Choosing a Fence or Deck Paint Color   

We offer multiple selections of paint colors for your deck or fence. Consider the impact of direct sunlight on your deck or fence when choosing the perfect paint color. Darker deck paint colors hide dirt or stains better. Our team assists you in selecting a paint color that satisfies your aesthetic goals for your outdoor living space and can endure for many years.  

Choosing a Fence or Deck Stain Finish 

We provide fence and deck stains in various types of finishes to match your style. We can guide you to selecting the best stain for your outdoor living space. Our types of stain finishes include the following: 

Transparent or Translucent 

A transparent stain finish allows most of the natural wood grain to show through. These stains are usually oil-based for deep penetration into wood boards. 


Semi-transparent stain finishes permit a hint of wood grain to show. These finish types are typically water-based, so we do not have to remove earlier stain coatings.   


Solid stain finishes cover all wood grain. These finishes are usually water-based and can be offered in any color.  

Why Choose Us for Deck Painting and Staining? 

Five Star Painting of West Oklahoma City offers comprehensive painting services in Yukon, Mustang, and Oklahoma City. We aim to enhance your fence or deck's lifespan and appearance. We can visit your home to assist you in picking the perfect stain finish or paint color for your fence or deck. Take advantage of our deck and fence maintenance services to ensure your paint or stain remains in top condition. We always provide estimates for our services. Contact us today to learn more! 

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