Residential Painting Services

Hire a Reliable Team to Get the Best Results

When it comes to giving your house that new paint, you want to hire a team prioritizing your satisfaction. The painting contractors we work with provide personalized services for any home painting job from small to large projects. If the sun weathered your exterior paint or the interior color has lost its feel, we can help you fix it with fresh paint.


Surface preparation is essential before a project begins. It will involve sanding weathered doors and rough surfaces and caulking windows. If priming and preparations are not correctly done, using expensive paint will not give satisfactory results.

Interior Painting

A fresh interior paint job can bring a nice, new feel to your home. We work with qualified teams that pay close attention to details when painting to get every inch of a wall or ceiling. They will protect your floors and furnishings, outlets, doorknobs, vents, and, if possible, switch covers. If there are any holes or cracks, they can fill and smoothen them.

The painters we work with use suitable quality paints, and they will provide you with the latest color trends, treatments, and wall coatings. If your home has any wood trim elements, they can replenish them. This includes railings, stairs, paneling, and wainscoting.

Exterior Painting

A fresh exterior paint job could increase the value of your home. It could also add curb appeal and create a great first impression. The painting contractors we send out to you will cover every section of your home's exterior. These sections include brick, wood, vinyl, masonry, and aluminum. Also, they will paint doors, gutters, and trims.

To make your home exterior uniformly colorful, the team will remove debris using the pressure-washing technique. If necessary, they will scrape or sand areas requiring extra attention and then apply a primer. In case of any loose trims, they will be nailed back or tightened. If there are rotten wood trims, these can be removed. Damaged areas will be patched.


Five Star Painting will work with you to determine the best finishing for your house. We can provide recommendations on whether to use semigloss, satin, eggshell, or flat. Once everything is agreed upon, you can sit back while we work hard to deliver exactly what you asked for.

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