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Best Cabinet Paint Color

White or light paint can project a cleaner, brighter, or larger area in your home. You can even choose to add a darker shade to the cabinets to match your new appliances or give the space a more formal tone. At Five Star Painting, our cabinet painters can help you achieve a new look with our cabinet painting services.

If you're getting ready to remodel parts of your house, you might be inclined to start in the kitchen and completely replace your cabinets. But did you know a more affordable, yet very effective, way to improve your kitchen is by simply having your cabinets repainted? A fresh coat of paint for your cabinets can give the whole kitchen a new look and feel.

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Cabinet Painting | Frequently Asked Questions

Why Paint Your Existing Cabinets?

Cabinet painting can update the look of your entire room. There are plenty of benefits to painting cabinets, including:

  • Getting a new look without replacing your cabinets
  • Having the ability to use your room during the painting process
  • Saving money, time, and natural resources

If you are thinking about replacing your cabinets, you know it can be a hassle. During the project, you cannot use the space until the installation is completed. For most people, that means the loss of the kitchen or bathroom for a certain amount of time. However, you do not have to worry about that issue with cabinet painting. Your cabinets can be removed or refinished in a different room, so you can still use your kitchen or bathroom during the project.

Can We Have Our Cabinets Painted During Winter?

Yes, unlike exterior house painting, your cabinets can definitely be painted during winter as the paint isn’t subject to premature failure due to cold and wet weather. Especially if you need multiple paint projects done around your home, getting your cabinets done during winter would leave plenty of time during late spring and summer for your exteriors.

How Well Does Cabinet Painting Hold Up Over Time?

As long as you get your cabinets professionally painted and take care of them thereafter, the paint job should last 8 to 10 years.

Should Our Cabinets Be Cleaned Regularly Once They’re Painted?

Yes, we’d highly recommend keeping them clean and maintaining them after they’ve been painted. Below are some cleaning tips for you:

  • Do not clean your cabinets with a sponge or any cleaning products that contain citrus, silicone, petroleum, wax, or ammonia
  • Do clean your cabinets with a soft, damp cloth - microfiber cloths work great!
  • For extra dirty spots, only use paint-safe cleaning solutions
  • Be sure to test your cleaning solution on the back of a cabinet door
  • When wiping up dirty spots, always do so in a circular motion
  • Clean up messes and spills immediately
  • Avoid hanging damp cloths and linens over cabinet drawers and doors

Professional Cabinet Painters Near Me

Kitchen cabinets painted light green. In many older homes, the original cabinets give character to the house. You may not want to lose that charm with a generic modern cabinet. A fresh coat of stain can restore the cabinet to its original condition. If you choose a new color or paint, you can still retain the original history of your home. With a new layer of paint or stain, the cabinet's wood may last for decades. If you choose to refresh the cabinets in the future, we can help with that too.

Our professional cabinet painters offer free estimates and can provide solutions for your next cabinet project. We will strive to complete the job in a timely and professional manner as we meet your project's needs. In addition to kitchens and bathrooms, we can also paint shelving in garages, dens, offices, and other spaces.

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