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Revamp your cabinets with a splash of color, and give them a refreshing new look. Five Star Painting of Brooklyn provides premium cabinet painting services in Brooklyn, NY. We assist in modernizing your old cabinets or completely reinventing them. Our dedicated team ensures the chosen paint matches your style preference. We take pride in transforming your cabinets’ look with paint. Reach out to us today to get an estimate on our top-notch cabinet painting services.

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Expert Cabinet Refinishing and Painting Solutions 

The quickest and simplest way to alter the look of your cabinets is through color. Our team can paint any variety of cabinets in your preferred shade. Here are some of the most sought-after types of cabinets and surfaces we refinish and paint: 

  • Traditional cabinets 
  • Base cabinets 
  • Frame-bordered cabinets 
  • Wall-mounted cabinets 
  • Built-in shelving units 
  • Laundry area cabinets 
  • Outdoor cabinets 
  • Garage storage cabinets 
  • Hutches 

Our Reliable Cabinet Painting Method    

At Five Star Painting of Brooklyn, we adhere to a dependable cabinet painting procedure to match your personalized painting plan. We consider the current state of your cabinets and the job's scope. Our cabinet painting process involves the following steps: 

  • Our team detaches the hardware and doors from the cabinets. 
  • We prepare and sand the surface of the cabinets for the paint application. 
  • A new paint coat is applied to the doors. 
  • Our expert service providers paint the fixed cabinets. 
  • Once the paint dries, we put the cabinets back together and assess our work.  

Advantages of Professional Cabinet Painting 

Professionally painted cabinets offer a thrilling way to enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room. The key benefits of opting for cabinet painting services include: 


We can completely alter the ambiance of any room by painting your cabinets. 


Painting your cabinets is a less expensive alternative to replacing the entire cabinets. 

Fast Results 

We can deliver an impressive makeover to your cabinets without a prolonged renovation period. 

Customizable Options 

Our team provides an array of colors and finishes to perfectly match your style aspirations. 

Selecting the Right Cabinet Paint Color 

While deciding on a paint color for your bathroom or kitchen cabinets, keeping your style in mind is crucial. We suggest navy blue, gray, or white tones for a contemporary appeal. Vibrant shades of green and blue are ideal for a lively look. Once you finalize your room's style, we advise examining various colors. You can pin multiple paint colors to a board and see how it looks under different lighting conditions throughout the day. Our team will guide you to comprehend the ideal color combinations for every style. 

Options for Cabinet Enhancements  

We advocate the transformative potential of paint to redefine any surface without a complete remodel. The options for cabinet enhancements are: 

Cabinet Painting 

Professional cabinet painting consists of applying high-grade paint to change your cabinets' appearance.  

Cabinet Refacing 

Cabinet refacing involves taking off the existing cabinet doors and introducing a new color or material.   

Cabinet Replacement 

Cabinet replacement is a major undertaking that involves removing your current cabinets and installing new ones. 

Why Choose Five Star Painting of Brooklyn? 

Five Star Painting of Brooklyn is your reliable local cabinet painting squad. Our local cabinet painters are well-trained in the most effective techniques to paint your cabinets seamlessly. Our color consultants work closely with you to meet your style requirements. We offer flexible scheduling and punctual service. We provide estimates for our cabinet painting services at your convenience. Our company appreciates the importance of detailed painting to ensure your cabinet paint looks brand new. After completion, we always clean up and successfully reassemble the cabinets. 

Contact Us for Cabinet Painting Services 

Five Star Painting of Brooklyn is your go-to for painting services in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY. We offer exterior and interior painting and deck and patio painting services. Our team aims to deliver confident and stylish surfaces with our painting services. We breathe life into surfaces with our painting expertise. We can evaluate your current cabinets to suggest the best paint for transformation. Reach out today for an estimate on our top-tier cabinet painting services.  

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