Cabinet Painting Services

Revive Your Cabinets Without New Cabinet Prices

Cabinets are an integral aspect of a room, often kitchens and bathrooms in particular. If you want to freshen or modernize these rooms, replacing the cabinets can be very effective. The problem is that cabinet replacement is costly in addition to being time-consuming and disruptive to home life. With cabinet resurfacing, Five Star Painting provides a service that offers many benefits:

• More cost-effective

• Faster completion times

• Less disruption to your home

• Environmentally friendly

• Many more style options

Suitable for Most Cabinets

Practically any style of cabinets found in homes in Five Star Painting of Downtown Toronto is a suitable candidate for painting. This includes both framed and frameless varieties, and the painting contractors we work with can prep and finish base cabinets, wall cabinets, tall cabinets, freestanding cabinets, and so forth. In addition, the technique is not limited to just wood. It’s also suitable for:


• Veneer

• Laminate

• Melamine

Unsure whether cabinet refinishing or replacement is the better option? Call us at (647) 492-6378 or contact us online to discuss the pros and cons in greater detail.

Beyond Cabinets

Many of the cabinets we restore are located in kitchens and bathrooms, but this kind of work can be performed in practically any room in a home and in satellite structures on your property. The technique is also not limited to just cabinet frames, doors, and drawers. We can resurface:

• Vanities

• Pantries

• Closet storage

• Kitchen islands

• Integrated shelving

• Garage and workshop spaces

Why Choose Five Star Painting?

Five Star Painting delivers five-star quality without the five-star price. From prepping your surfaces to the finishing touches, you can expect meticulousness and professionalism. Your painting contractors will maintain a tidy and safe work area at all times, and when they are finished, they will ensure your complete satisfaction before fully cleaning the area and departing.

Book your in-home consultation online or call us at (647) 492-6378 to schedule. You’ll get answers to all of your questions and a written estimate at no cost and without obligation!

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