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The cabinets in your house are great for storing everything from cooking utensils to grooming products. Since they are usually installed in the kitchen and bathroom, the cabinets end up absorbing moisture.

They also tend to build up layers of grease and dust. When they become difficult to clean or their colour starts to fade, these are signs that it is time for a paint refresh or new stain.

There is a wide range of options available when it comes to cabinet painting, and we would be happy to provide a consultation. Looking for customer-focused cabinet painters for your kitchen? You can count on Five Star Painting of Etobicoke!

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The Cabinet Painting Services We Offer

The painters we contract with will handle the task of refreshing your home's cabinets with a new coat of paint. They can work on:

  • Kitchen cabinets and islands
  • Bathroom cabinets
  • Built-in shelving
  • Closet storage
  • Laminate cabinets
  • MDF cabinets
  • Solid wood cabinets
  • Framed and frameless cabinets
  • Base and wall cabinets
  • Tall cabinets
  • Cabinet drawers and doors
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A Paint Refresh Is Cost-Effective

When cabinets become difficult to clean, you may feel like it is time for a replacement. If you weigh the costs of a replacement against the cost
of a paint refresh, you are going to find that the refresh is far more cost-effective.

Cabinet Painters in Etobicoke

Additionally, you can opt for a different colour. This gives you the opportunity to renovate your kitchen or bathroom or update the paint. If you like the wooden colour of the cabinets, the team of painters we contract with can re-stain them instead. Before you know it, the cabinets will look like new again.

A Paint Refresh Is Less Time-Consuming

Refinishing the cabinets in your home is less time-consuming than going forward with a new installation. By refinishing, the team of painting contractors we send to your house can be in and out within a few hours instead of a couple of days.

So, you can use your kitchen, bathroom, or other room without too much disruption to your daily routine. Plus, the professionals we work with always clean up after themselves when the job is complete.

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Frequently Asked Cabinet Painting Questions

How long will newly painted cabinets last?

Looking to learn more about the various benefits of cabinet painting? Freshly painted cabinets are designed to last! The time your cabinets new coat will last will primarily depend on what type of paint you decide on.

With proper upkeep and maintenance, you can expect your freshly painted cabinets to last up to 8-10 years. Contact Five Star Painting of Etobicoke to get started on your new cabinets today!

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