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Importance of Fresh Paint

You’ve started noticing how your home doesn’t feel as inviting as it did previously. You may have noticed the paint no longer seems to have much exuberance whether it’s inside or outside. This happens because paint fades with prolonged exposure to sunlight and gets dingy over time, thanks to dulling from airborne contaminants.

The answer is to repaint your home, with the industry recommendation being every three to five years. Giving your home a fresh coat of paint can help you transform the look and feel of any room, giving it a fresh energy and a bright atmosphere. It also improves the curb appeal, giving your home’s exterior a crisp look that attracts the eye.

Bright living room interior decorated with gray furniture with teal accents and walls painted a light gray.

Interior and Exterior Painting Process

Repainting both your home’s interior and exterior involves more than simply getting a few cans of paint and a brush or roller. Approaching your project in this manner can cause your paint to crack and peel quickly, plus damage the areas around where you’re painting.

A premier service starts by with proper preparation, which spans both masking and taping surfaces to prevent splatter damage while also preparing the paint surfaces. This mean washing the surface but may also include repairing prior damage. For exterior projects, it likely means removing old coatings before getting started.

Another key factor to effective painting is also looking for the right environment. Attempting to apply paint when humidity is too high or the temperature is outside the manufacturer’s recommended range may leave the paint job looking less than ideal.

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