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If you are looking to find reliable house painters for your exterior painting, Five Star Painting of Fort Worth is your answer. You should consider adding some color to your home’s exterior. It may be for a home you just moved into or for your current home. This is not a worry as Five Star house painters in Fort Worth will bring it out to its best.

Front Door

The front door creates a great impression to your home any time. All your guests use the front door to as the first thing once they want to access your home. It is therefore important that you welcome them with an appealing door and what else than one with a great paint job? Add color and it will be welcoming to all friends and family.

Increase Real Estate Value

If you are looking to sell your house, a fresh paint job may just be the trick to increase its value. This is because it tends to capture the eye of potential buyers. By making a good first impression for your home or office from its exterior, provides a warm welcome. You can increase this warm welcome with an improved look on your landscaping design. They complement each other to appear outstanding and the colors blend in to appeal to the eye.


With quality exterior paint, you will not have to worry of features such as paint peeling off or cracks caused by bad weather. The appearance remains appealing and beautiful. In addition, it will help protect from these faults. We have gained more than enough experience and have the expertise to use paint to protect your home’s exterior.

The Neighborhood

To help you get started on aspects such as selecting a color theme for your home’s exterior, look around and notice what other homes you think are outstanding have done. Right from the design to the color of choice, these are ideas you can combine and project one of your own. Leave the rest to Five Star house painters.

There are five reasons to update the exterior of your home:

  • Your curb appeal is appealed
  • Your home’s value increases
  • Your home’s landscape and general style are complimented
  • The new change of scenery enhances your outdoor space
  • The preparation process gets rid of unappealing features such as fading and peeling paint

Five Star Exterior House Painters
Paint Brush on Red Wall

The exterior of your home or office is as important as the interior. We acknowledge this fact and have built our expertise to ensure that you are receiving quality services. Whether it is your exterior house wall, fence or commercial spaces, we have you covered.

We also ensure that we complete your projects on time and in accordance to the agreed upon budget. Our professionals work with utmost respect and will ensure that your space remains clean and organized. All our house painters undergo training and we ensure that they are equipped with the right tools and skills to match.

It is part of our virtue that our painters never play loud and offensive music. In addition, smoking is not an option while in your space. Right from the moment you request for a quotation to the end of the project, we ensure that we provide a professional experience. In the event of any problems arising two years after the project’s completion, we provide for a 2-year workmanship warranty at no cost at all.

We Are The Exterior House Painters You Can Count On

Our Fort Worth painters are here to help you create a great first impression by painting your exterior space. For great exterior painting services, contact Five Star Exterior House Painters as your painting contractors TODAY and get your free quotation to get the project started.

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