Repaint Your Home or Business

Do you want to add a splash of excitement to your life? A fresh and fun way to do it is to repaint your home. Whether you want to redo the exterior or renovate a single room, the right coat of paint can make all the difference.

To keep your painting projects clean and punctual, let Five Star Painting of Naperville handle them all. Our Wheaton painting services are sure to satisfy your creative urges without breaking the bank. We work with local professional painters, come up with comprehensive painting plans to stay on schedule, offer customizable services, and have even partnered with Behr for access to incredible quality paints. It all acts as a way to keep our services great but our prices truly competitive.

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Living room decorated with teal accents

Residential Painting Services, Inside & Out

Every room and part of your home adds to its total appearance and appeal. When just one portion has the wrong feeling, it can disrupt the mood of your entire house. By changing up or refreshing the paint, though, you can revitalize some or all of your home without needing to make costly renovations.

What residential painting services would you like for your Wheaton home?

  • Interior painting: The personality of each room in your home is what makes that room truly special. Matching the colors of each room to its personality is a talent of ours. Please ask us if you need help choosing a shade, tint, or finish.
  • Exterior painting: Your neighbors should be jealous of the way your home looks. If they aren’t, then it doesn’t have the right coat of paint! Call (630) 538-7146 to arrange exterior painting services that will become the talk of the town.
  • Decks and fences: Relaxing days outdoors are made all the better when you have a classy, organized deck or patio. The right look for your perimeter fence also adds to the enjoyment of your outdoor days.
  • Cabinet painting: Don’t drain your wallet to pay for a complete kitchen renovation! The truth is that you might just need to paint the cabinets to create the new look you want. We have a variety of paints made specifically for use in the kitchen that we can apply to your cabinets.

We can even lend a hand with keeping your property tidy through our pressure washing services. Say goodbye to years of dust and grime stuck in paneling, wood platforms, cement walkways, and more with just one cleaning from our pressure washer. Of course, we are always careful to only use a pressure washer on surfaces compatible with such a powerful cleaning method.

Make Your Business Stand Out

First impressions are important for people and businesses. If you own a retail store, mom-and-pop shop, eatery, or any other type of small business, then you need to be aware of how its appearance sells itself – or doesn’t.

Five Star Painting is a local Wheaton business, so we know how crucial it is to attract new customers and clients. In case your business is not looking inviting from the curb, we can find a way to spruce it up with the right mix of paints and finishes. Let’s put our heads together to figure out just what your commercial property needs to look its best.

To name a few of the commercial properties we can paint:

  • Medical centers
  • Educational facilities
  • Industrial locations
  • Living complexes
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Transform your home or business with our Wheaton painting services.