Paint Maintenance

From stains, chips, dents, and dings—the paint on your interior walls and exterior siding endures a lot. Over time, this can detract from the overall look of your entire home. When it’s time to give your walls and siding the attention they deserve, let Five Star Painting help.

Our paint maintenance services won’t touch up certain areas of the wall but will take the time to repair the area and paint the entire wall to ensure even coverage and a great-looking finish.

When it’s time to repair and paint your walls, request a free estimate online from Five Star Painting.

Wood slotted back patio cover with privacy wall and overgrown plants. Black painted door and trim.

Touch-Up Wall Paint Services Done Right

Some homeowners looking for touch-up paint service are at risk of being left with a blotchy looking wall. This is due to the difficulty of blending in the repair area to the original area and getting an exact color match. Paint colors fade over time, and sheens lose their luster. It’s very difficult to find the exact color and sheen for a paint color that’s been on your walls for several years.

This is why Five Star Painting’s paint maintenance services won’t simply touch up the paint on your wall, but will paint the entire wall or exterior side. This prevents even the slightest color variation from sticking out and produces a more even, better-looking finish.

Paint Maintenance Services Begin with Prep

To make sure you’re left with a long-lasting and great-looking finish, before our experts begin, we take the time to prep, repair, and clean the surface, including:

  • Removing furniture, decorations, or obstacles from the area.
  • Removing fixtures such as light switch covers, lights or thermostats.
  • Repairing any damaged drywall, siding, or interior or exterior trim.
  • Masking off intricate trim work and windows and laying out drop cloths to catch any paint drips.
  • Cleaning the walls or pressure washing the siding if necessary so they’re free of dust, dirt and debris.

Professional Interior and Exterior Paint Maintenance Services

Maintaining your interior and exterior paint keeps your home looking great, and it can also have significant return on your investment. Give your home a fresh look with paint maintenance services from Five Star Painting. Give us a call today or schedule a free estimate online.

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