The Five Star Painting Warranty

In order to best serve our customers and to ensure their peace of mind, our team at Five Star Painting offers a two-year warranty for our residential and commercial clients. This policy ensures that our clients can feel confident choosing us, knowing they are hiring the best in the business.

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The Five Star Process

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    1. Communication with dedicated Project Manager before the job starts.

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    2. Thorough preparation to protect your property.

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    3. Five Star application process of high-quality product and daily communication.

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    4. Daily and end of job clean-up.

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    5. Five-Star final walk through to ensure contract completion and satisfaction.

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Painters in Tulsa

Are you looking to liven up the walls in your home with a new color or a fresh coat? Let Five Star Painting of Tulsa provide professional painting services for superior results without the hassle or stress of DIY. We work with the best painters in the business and partner with Behr for top-quality products, without the premium price tag.

If you approve the estimate, we'll go ahead and schedule the painting service. Our Tulsa house painters will start by performing the necessary preparation. Thorough prep work is essential for a high-quality and long-lasting finish.

Tulsa Residential and Commercial Painters

Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, we can help! Our Tulsa painters are pleased to offer a vast array of residential and commercial painting services.

Residential Painters

Our Tulsa residential painting services include:

Commercial Painters

Our Tulsa commercial painting services include:

  • Medical facilities
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Education centers
  • Property management
  • Religious institutions  

How Will Hiring A Painting Company Benefit Me?

A residential and commercial painting company will work with you to develop a detailed plan for your project that outlines all of the steps involved so that there are no surprises along the way. Professional house and business painters use specialized tools and techniques for each step of the painting process, ensuring that your finished surfaces look beautiful and professional. Whether your property is large or small, old or new, painting companies have experience working on all types of properties and can help you achieve exactly what you have envisioned for your home or business. Interested in learning more? Schedule a service today.

A male FSP technician sitting a table speaking with customers about services.

Our Residential and Commercial Painting Services

Our Tulsa House Painters Will Go Above & Beyond

Think about how you want a room to feel. The color you choose for the walls can play a vital role in setting the tone. Five Star Painting of Tulsa can help you select the perfect color to match the mood. We can also advise on coordinating your wall color with existing furniture or taking advantage of architectural elements to play with multiple colors or features.

Book Your Free Estimate with Our Painting Company!

First, book your free estimate. During the estimate, we'll get a chance to meet you and get an idea of exactly what you're looking for. We'll give you the full estimate while at your home.

We'll Perform All the Prep and Apply the New Paint!

We'll apply the new paint using proper techniques. We'll use premium, high-quality paint to ensure your paint job lasts and amazes for years (yes, paint quality matters!).

We'll Clean Up and Perform a Final Walk-Through!

When we're done, we'll clean everything up! All that's left is your beautifully painted home. And we'll perform a final walk-through with you to ensure you're satisfied.

At Five Star Painting of Tulsa, we aren't your average house painter. We show up in uniform and even wear shoe covers in your home.

What Sets Five Star Painting of Tulsa Apart?

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    We provide daily and end of job clean-up, so that you can enjoy your freshly painted house mess-free!

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    On Time

    Our dedicated Project Managers keep the job running on schedule and will communicate daily progress.

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    On Budget

    Once we provide you with an estimate, we stick to it. No surprise fees!

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There are a couple of primary reasons you should have your house repainted. First, routine painting is essential to protecting your home from weather and other elements. Thankfully, house painting isn’t something you need to have done as frequently as yard work, but you should have your exteriors repainted every 5 to 10 years or so. Your interiors, on the other hand, should be repainted every 2 to 10 years, depending on the room. Second, repainting your house is a great way to boost your home’s value.

Inspect your exterior siding for cracked, peeled, blistered, and bubbled paint. These are some of the more obvious signs your exteriors need to be repainted, sooner rather than later so your home and its siding are well-guarded against the weather.

Yes! Professional painters are experts in the house painting industry. They are skilled in paint application techniques and have all the necessary materials, tools, and high-quality paints to ensure your home’s paint job will last. They’ll also have the time and patience to ensure your surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and prepped before beginning the actual painting. Ultimately, if you want a high-quality paint job that will accomplish the goals of increasing your curb appeal and protecting your house, you’ll greatly benefit from hiring professionals.

Five Star Painting of Tulsa is led by Trevor Bass. Our team has completed numerous painting projects throughout Tulsa and is backed by positive reviews.

Five Star Painting of Tulsa

Choose the right painting services team in your area. When it comes to selecting the right team for your commercial or residential painting services, Five Star Painting is the right choice.

Cities we serve: Broken Arrow, Owasso, Tulsa

Choose the right painting services team in your area. When it comes to selecting the right team for your commercial or residential painting services, Five Star Painting is the right choice.Cities we serve Broken Arrow, Owasso, Tulsa

We Use Sherwin-Williams and Behr Paints!

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