Why You Should Skip Interior DIY Painting

Exhausted DIY painter.

It's a bit dramatic, yes, but hear us out –

In the day and age of having access to everything all of the time and DIY guides galore, you may feel like you're able to handle any project you see on your TikTok's for you page, even a full interior repaint of your home!

While we're not doubting your talents by any means or undermining what just a few accent walls and a new color on your doors can do for your home's interior, you may want to choose a local professional painting company instead.

What Are the Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Interior Painting?

Home improvement projects like interior painting seem easy at first and possibly a great cost-saving option, but many problems come with this approach, including wasting your money and ruining your walls!

Many homeowners regret choosing the DIY path due to a wide variety of reasons, including:

Interior Painting Can Take Too Long on Your Own

Interior painting takes time. It's not for those without patience, nor those who lack patience but also like to bulldoze through projects to get them finished. Interior painting takes attention to detail, commitment, and even some skill!

Interior painting planning takes quite a bit of time, on top of your home's actual painting and drying time. Proper drying can take a few days and depends on how many coats are needed, but it can take longer for cheaper paints or areas where too much paint was applied.

Either way, turning to a professional won't make the paint dry faster, but it will help with every aspect of planning and painting, ensuring a tight, seamless timeline for your next interior project

DIY Interior Painting May End Up Costing More

While the average painting supplies, like putty knives, drop cloths, brushes, painter's tape, and rollers, aren't the most expensive things in the world, you take on quite a bit of risk when you decide to complete any interior painting on your own.

If mistakes occur, like spills or even a slip off a ladder, the entire project may end up costing more than turning to the pros in the first place!

Messy, Uneven Results, & Wasted Time & Money

Nothing is worse than a shoddy paint job. Some of the most common mistakes and telltale signs we see of a DIY paint job gone wrong include:

  • Visible Stains – Poor wall preparation, primer application, and dirty walls always lead to visible stains throughout the home, including walls, ceilings, window frames, and more.
  • Uneven Colors – Multiple coats of paint are needed to ensure a uniform appearance. Uneven colors can be due to only using one coat of paint, always a bad move, or poor color matching to the original color.
  • Streaks and Blotches – Applying new paint to a dirty or wet wall. It can also be caused by poor painting techniques, a common downfall of DIY interior painters.
  • Bubbles – When paint jobs are rushed and paint isn't allowed to fully dry, bubbles develop. They're usually small, but can be very noticeable.

Painting your home is a major investment, and it should be treated as such! Choosing a professional helps you avoid these common mistakes and ensures your home's interior is ready to impress.

Professional Painters Ensure Uniform Appearance & High-Quality Results

Picking a professional for your next home improvement project will make sure you have a better-finished accent wall, hallway repaint, or what other painting ideas you have. Painters offer consistent, high-quality, and appealing results – usually backed by some type of service guarantee.

Proper Wall & Room Preparation

Once all the furniture is removed from your home or room that needs to be painted, professional painters will prepare your walls for painting by:

  • Priming all surfaces that need to be
  • Covering any décor, flooring, and furniture
  • Applying painter's tape around molding
  • Ensuring all holes are patched correctly

Professional Painting Techniques & Premium Supplies

To avoid streaks, bubbles, and many other common DIY mistakes, proper painting technique is needed. Professional paint contractors have developed their painting skills over years of individual experience and training, ensuring you'll be left with a result that you'll love for years to come. Painters also use the best paints and supplies to ensure the proper finish. 

Avoid Common DIY Interior Painting Mistakes

Due to our years of experience helping homeowners recover from poor paint jobs and seeing our fair share of horror stories online (believe us, there's a lot!), there are a number of DIY painting mistakes that commonly occur when painting the trickiest areas of the home, including:

  • Window frames
  • Door frames
  • Crown molding
  • Baseboards
  • High ceilings

No matter how good you think you are, you can't beat a well-trained professional when it comes to painting an entire room.

Connecting With a Professional Interior Painter is Easy – So, Why Not?

Painting the interior of a home can be time-consuming and is best done by a professional to ensure that the job is done well. Why put yourself through all that work and risk the final project when you can simply reach out to the professional team of painters at {Sub:BusinessName} in the first place? It's easy to get started!

We have been in the business of painting homes for decades. We have seen our share of home interior paint jobs go wrong, and we know what not to do. We offer a full array of services for your home, and each of our interior painters is committed to delivering quality, exceptional service to you from the beginning to the end.

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