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Curious to know what exactly a professional exterior paint job does to your home? To let you in on a little secret, exterior painting is more than just an aesthetic improvement to your home. While this is certainly a benefit of exterior painting, high-quality paint jobs help solve a couple of situations you might be facing.

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Moving? Improve Your Home with New Paint!

Florida house exterior with siding painted light brown and trim painted white

Exterior house painting is a very cost-effective and easy way to boost your home's value and curb appeal. If you're moving, having some professional exterior painting done is a great strategy to help you with:

  • Making your home stand out,
  • Making a great impression on potential buyers,
  • Putting potential buyers at ease knowing this relatively large maintenance project is done, and
  • Increasing your home's value & curb appeal

Staying in Your Home For a While? Protect Your Home with New Paint!

If you're planning to stick around in your house for years to come, professional exterior painting is still an essential maintenance task that will need to be done at some point. That's because paint acts as a protective coating between your exterior siding and harmful elements such as:

  • Rain and wind,
  • Solar weathering, and
  • Moisture, mildew, and mold

But beyond protecting your home, you might be ready for that beautiful and modern look you've always wanted and our Brandon exterior painters can help you accomplish this.

Whether you're moving or staying, exterior painting is a great way to improve and protect your home. Give our exterior painters a call at (813) 602-7941 or reach out to us online to book your free estimate!

Attention to Detail

You can’t achieve that level of protection without great thoroughness and meticulousness from the start. That's why we pressure wash houses before painting them and hand-wash surfaces that require it. We’ll also perform a wide range of other prep depending on the particular surface and its condition. This can include scraping, sanding, caulking, priming, puttying nail holes, and glazing windows.

Ready to boost your home's curb appeal? Simply call our exterior house painters at at (813) 602-7941 or contact us online to book your free estimate!

Distinct Exterior Painting Solutions for a Unique Home

Our Brandon, FL exterior painters can paint many types of materials, including wood, fiber cement, stucco, and brick. They can even paint concrete surfaces and the like. We also handle siding, corner boards, fascias, doors and door frames, window frames, shutters, and more. If you have satellite structures you’d like matched to the home, we can paint those as well, such as a:

  • Shed
  • Gazebo
  • Mailbox
  • Well house
  • Detached garage

Exterior Painting | Frequently Asked Questions

Is summer the only month we can have our exteriors painted?

Nope! Because of our subtropical climate in Brandon, it’s totally doable to paint your exterior in spring, fall, and even winter! Florida doesn’t experience shockingly cold winters like other areas do, so the winter months can be a great time to tackle your exterior painting projects. That said, we will keep our eye on the weather and ensure your project is scheduled around the weather.

When should I have our exteriors repainted?

Typically, your exterior should be painted every 5 to 10 years or so. A more precise timeline is determined by a few factors such as:

  • Your home’s exposure to the sun,
  • The type of siding your home has, and
  • The quality of the existing paint job.

For instance, stucco, a pretty common type of siding in Florida, falls in the 5 to 10-year frequency bracket.

How can I tell the quality of my existing exterior paint job?

An effective way to gauge the quality of your home’s exterior paint job is by examining the exterior. If you notice signs of paint failure, such as cracking, peeling, bubbling, or chipping paint, it’s about time to have your exteriors painted.

Why Choose Five Star Painting of Brandon and Riverview?

Beautiful house with exterior siding painted blue and trip painted whiteOur Brandon exterior house painters are not only skilled, experienced, and well-equipped but also passionate about our trade. A professional finish means something to us, and you can expect a customer-oriented approach and a focus on your complete satisfaction throughout the process.

We know you have questions, and an on-site consultation is a great way to get answers. Book your free assessment with our Brandon, FL exterior painters by calling us at (813) 602-7941!

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