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Did you know that having your kitchen or bathroom cabinets painted is an extremely cost-effective alternative to replacing the entire cabinets? It's also a great way to conceal unattractive or outdated design elements. Not to mention, it keeps excess material out of landfills. What’s more, repainting helps reinforce and extend the life of your current built-in cabinets.

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Cabinet Painting | Frequently Asked Questions

Is having our cabinets painted before we move a good idea?

Yes, having your cabinets professionally painted before you move is a fantastic idea. House painting of any kind is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve your home, and this applies to cabinet painting as well.

In one instance, some first-time buyers were drawn to their first home largely by the modern-looking kitchen. It turned out the cabinets had been repainted. The cabinets themselves were very old but a new coat of paint enlivened the kitchen and, more or less, sold the home!

Is it cheaper to paint cabinets or replace them?

It is definitely cheaper to have your cabinets painted than to replace them. In fact, having your cabinets painted is typically ⅓ to ½ the cost of replacing them. Even if your cabinets are as old as your house, if the cabinet boxes, drawers, and doors are in good shape, some new paint can make them look as good as new!

Cabinet Painting for Your Whole House

At Five Star Painting of Montgomery County, we specialize in cabinet painting that includes:

  • Doors
  • Frames
  • Kitchen islands
  • Shelves
  • Storage areas
  • Bathroom vanities

We're also experts when it comes to new and exciting cabinet trends. And, no matter what color or colors you choose for your home, you can rest assured your cabinets will be professionally prepared as well as refinished. Since cabinets are high wear-and-tear areas of the home, it is important that their surfaces are clean, smooth, and sanded properly before being painted.

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Customer-focused Kitchen Cabinet Painters Near You!

We work with professional painting crews who follow our company mission closely. This includes:

  • Completing a job within budget
  • Finishing on time
  • Offering direction with design and product choice
  • Maintaining a minimally disruptive work area
  • Leaving behind a clean work area
  • Prepping surfaces properly
  • Completing high-quality and professional jobs

When repainting residential cabinets or performing another painting job, we work with you to set a convenient painting schedule. We know just how inconvenient it can be to be displaced from your home. Therefore, we come prepared and are minimally disruptive.

It is important to note that our speedy and meticulous paint jobs are hardly an inconvenience when compared to the installation of new built-ins. What's more, we'll arrive with all the tools and painting supplies we need on hand. We also show up on time, keep our work areas tidy, and clean up after finishing a job. Whether you just want to spruce up an old antique cabinet or hire us as part of a larger home renovation, Five Star Painting of Montgomery County is ready to answer the call.

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