Top Ten Questions to Answer Prior to Painting your Business

As with anything in life, we tend to have the best results when the most planning is involved. We won’t start a meeting or attend a training session without clear questions that need to be answered as a result of the meeting. Otherwise, we are just talking, and we don’t need to just talk. Time is money.

We have painted many offices and found that it is often the office manager’s first-time painting or working with a contractor.

If you are planning to paint your business, we wanted to give you some questions or guidelines that will help you prepare prior to anyone arriving:

  1. Do you have color approval from everyone needed? The boss, the picky receptionist? The regional boss?
  2. Do you have financial approval from everyone?
  3. What if the bids go over your budget? Have you prepared everyone for that possibility?
  4. Are the employees aware that painters will be wandering the halls?
  5. Where will the painters wash their brushes? We usually suggest a sink in the back-maintenance room.
  6. Will your office be shut down during the painting? It is preferred to have it empty of people as cubicles and filing cabinets may need to be painted.
  7. If the painters are expected to work on the weekend, how will they get in and out? Who is assigned to let them in the building? Will you have to pay that employee to sit there while the painters work on the weekend?
  8. Is there a completion deadline? Will the painting contractor be done in time?
  9. If the painter is painting the outside, do they have access to water and electricity?
  10. Has the painter filled out all of the paperwork to be paid by your company? Insurance requirements, W9, etc.

These are the most important questions when considering painting your office. At Five Star Painting of Alpharetta, we are highly skilled in these types of projects and have a long list of satisfied office managers that we can share with our potential customers. Our estimates and advice are free, so please give us a call if you are considering updating your office space.

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Contributed by Scott Specker, owner Five Star Painting of Alpharetta, GA