Cabinet Painting Services in Gilbert

Before you jump into that expansion cabinet replacement project, consider the possibility you can save a lot of time and money with a simple paint job. We provide top professionals who know exactly how to enhance your cabinets and give your spaces a new look.

Why Paint

Giving your cabinets a fresh coat of color can have a massive impact on your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. With the right application, you make your spaces look brighter, newer, lighter and even larger. It can feel like a whole new space.

Here's what you need to know about why professionals are the way to go.

Bright living room interior with gray furniture and teal accents.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Kitchen

Painting kitchen cabinets can give this area a new look. This helps update your home to a more modern look and helps create surfaces that are easier to clean. Many cabinet paints are formulated to be easy to wipe spills, which can add durability to your kitchen and peace of mind if you have small children. You can choose a classic color that will look great for decades or something bold and trendy if that's your style.

Give Five Star Painting of Gilbert a call, and we'll show you why we're a leader in cabinet painting.

Professionals Have a Thorough Production

Pros don't just paint the interiors and exteriors. They break cabinets down. Responsible painters remove drawers and take off the handles and hinges. Everything's labeled so it can all be quickly reassembled the way it's supposed to.

The pros we work with often use high-grade lacquer, the type cabinet manufacturers apply. But the application requires a trained hand. Don't let your kitchen become the result of a DIY gone wrong; let us find the pros to take care of the job right the first time.

We Won't Waste Your Time

If your cabinets have sturdy interiors, you may not even have to remove anything. In some cases, the exteriors can be painted while your cabinets stay full. Contents will only require a plastic covering.

Making Sure Only Your Cabinets Get Painted

Overspray is something that nobody wants to see in a paint job; the professionals we work with know that prep work is the most critical step when doing any paint job. They cover everything. Your floors, walls and unpainted surfaces will remain safe. They also know how to avoid creating tape lines.

From correcting imperfections to reassembly, call Five Star Painting of Gilbert and find out how to recreate your cabinets.

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